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International Seminar AASPP-Misasa

Magmatic gases, their trip from the mantle to the surface of the Earth

27 February, 2006, Misasa, Japan

Sponsored by:
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)
Institute for Study of the Earth's Interior, Okayama University (ISEI)

Organized by:
Minoru Kusakabe (ISEI), and
Shigeru Yamashita (ISEI)

Second Circular

Misasa, 29 October, 2005

Program overview

The oral session will be devoted exclusively to the invited speakers. They are currently Aka, F.T. (IRGM, Cameroon), Bernard, A. (Univ. Libre Bruxelles, Belgium), Delmelle, P. (University of York, UK), Notsu, K. (University of Tokyo, Japan), Ohba, T. (TITech, Japan), Saito, G. (AIST, Japan), Shinohara, H. (AIST, Japan), Tanyileke, G. (IRGM, Cameroon), Taran, Y. (UNAM, Mexico), Varekamp, J.C. (Wesleyan University, USA), and Yokoyama, T. (University of Maryland, USA). Other contributions will be presented by posters. At the seminar, a special talk by Minoru Kusakabe, who has been working in geochemistry of crater lakes and magmatic-hydrothermal systems, is planned, for he is retiring from ISEI at the end of March 2006. The banquet which will be held after the seminar in the evening on 27th February contains an element to celebrate Prof. Kusakabe's retirement.

Tentative program:
Monday, 27th February 2006
Time Speaker Titile of paper
08:00 Registration desk opens.
09:00 Kusakabe, M. Opening: About AASPP-Misasa.
09:10 Varekamp, J.C. (to be announced)
09:35 Delmelle, P. The environmental fate of volcanic emissions.
10:00 Saito, G. Magma degassing of Satsuma-Iwojima volcano: Constraints from melt inclusions, volcanic gases and petrology.
10:25 Coffee break
10:50 Shinohara, H. Magmatic degassing during mild-Strombolian activity of Villarrica Volcano, Chile.
11:15 Notsu, K. "Visible degassing vs. invisible degassing" during magmatic evolution.
11:40 Taran, Y. Nitrogen and argon in volcanic and hydrothermal gases. Implications for the volatile budget in subduction zones.
12:05 Lunch
13:30 Ohba, T. Volcanic hydrothermal system of Mt.Kusatsu-Shirane Japan, hosting the active crater lake Yugama.
13:55 Bernard, A. The monitoring of volcanic lakes in Indonesia: from ground to space measurements.
14:20 Yokoyama, T. Melting processes beneath Mt. Cameroon: Constraints from U-Th-Ra and Sr-Nd-Pb isotope systematics.
14:45 Coffee break
15:15 Aka, F.T. The age of Lake Nyos, Cameroon, using U-Th-Ra disequilibria.
15:40 Tanyileke, G. The rationale for degassing Lakes Nyos and Monoun.
16:05 Kusakabe, M. Lakes Nyos and Monoun, Cameroon: the beginning, present and future.
17:00 Coffee break
17:15 Poster session starts.
19:00 Poster session ends.
19:30 Banquet starts.
21:30 Banquet ends.

Session protocol:
Oral session. The oral session will be held in a conference room (approx. 100 seats) in Hotel Blanc Art Misasa. The presentation facility is a computer projector (connector: D-sub mini 15 pin), which can be used for PowerPoint presentation. A PC notebook computer for PowerPoint presentation will be available. If you wish to use this computer please come to the registration desk with your PowerPoint file (in either CD or USB flash memory device) before 8:30 AM. If you wish to use your own computer for presentation please contact our staff at the registration desk.
Poster session. The posters will be displayed in a room next to the conference room where oral session is held. The maximum poster size is 90 cm (width) x 180 cm (height). Push-pins will be available on the poster board and at the registration desk. The posters will be displayed during the whole period of the seminar. The posters can be put up in the morning before the oral session starts at 9:00 AM.

Registration & housing reservation

---Online registration & housing reservation have been CLOSED---

Any inquiry should be sent to the organizers by email

Registration for the seminar is being accepted only through the online registration form until 28th December 2005. A confirmation will be automatically emailed to you when your registration is successful. If you do not receive this confirmation in 24 hr, please contact the organizers via email.

Registration fees:

Full registration fee covers refreshments, a lunch, an abstract volume and banquet. Seminar-only fee covers refreshments, a lunch, and an abstract volume.

Payment information:
Registrants are requested to pay the registration fees at the registration desk in cash (Japanese Yen only). Please note that no credit card payment facility will be available at the conference site, and that no bank in Misasa will handle foreign currency exchange.

Housing reservation:
We have booked 14 twin/triple Japanese-style rooms at the conference site, Hotel Blanc Art Misasa. The room rate is ¥6,430 per person per night, with breakfast. Participants can make room reservations through the online registration form. Single use of the rooms is not acceptable as a policy of the hotel, so please specify one or two persons with whom you would like to share the room in the online registration form. The housing reservation will be closed when all 14 rooms are booked even if before the closing date for the online registration is reached. Your early reservation is recommended. A confirmation will be emailed to you when your reservation is accepted. If you receive an email of no availability of a room from the organizers, or when the housing reservation is closed in our website, please find your accommodation by yourself. For information of hotel (ryokan) accommodations in Misasa, please visit Misasa town official website. For hotel reservation in Kurayoshi city (approx. 15 min away from the conference site by bus), please visit Kurayoshi city tourist information (in Japanese only). We will offer free-of-charge bus transportation between the conference site and major hotels in Kurayoshi city in the morning and evening of 27th February. The timetable for bus transportation will be available on our website shortly.

Abstract submission

---Online abstract submission has been CLOSED---

Any inquiry should be sent to the organizers by email

Abstract for the seminar is accepted only through the abstract submission form. The deadline of the abstract submission is 31 January 2006.

Author should prepare an abstract as PDF file, based on the following format: Page setting must be A4 paper, portrait orientation. All margins should be more than 20mm. The abstract (including any figures/photos) must not exceed two pages with these settings. Type title, authors' names and affiliations including e-mail addresses in blankets. This should be followed by body text, figures, tables etc. Grayscale figures and photos can be embedded in abstracts. The file size of each abstract (including figures and photos) must be less than 2MB.

All abstracts should be submitted online using the abstract submission form. Use the "Choose file" button in the form to locate the file you are going to upload, and then check your entries by clicking on the "Check entries" button (All your entries including the size of your file will automatically be checked). After checking your entries, use "Upload abstract" button to upload the file. A confirmation will be automatically emailed to you when your submission is successful. If you do not receive this confirmation in 24 hr, please contact the organizers via email.

The copyright of submitted abstracts is owned by Institute for Study of the Earth's Interior, Okayama University.

General information

Registration desk:
The registration desk will be open on 27th February, from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM at the conference site, Hotel Blanc Art Misasa. Registration fees will be collected at the registration desk. Note that only Japanese yen in cash is acceptable. Registrants are requested to check-in at the registration desk and receive a name badge, abstract volume, lunch ticket etc.

Currency exchange:
Overseas participants are strongly recommended to exchange your currency into Japanese yen at the International Narita-Tokyo or Osaka-Kansai Airport. There are no international currency exchange facilities in Misasa. Please also note that ATMs at Japanese banks do not accept credit cards issued in other countries.

All costs for the following catering are included in your full registration fees.
Refreshments. Coffee, tee and biscuits will be offered at the conference site.
Lunch. Japanese-style lunch boxes are offered in a dinning room in the conference site. You will find a lunch ticket at the registration desk.
Banquet. The conference banquet will be held in the evening of 27th February, from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM, at the conference room.

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Shigeru Yamashita (
Organizers of the Seminar
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