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Magmatic gases, their trip from the mantle to the surface of the Earth

JSPS Asia-Africa Science Platform Program
International Seminar AASPP-Misasa
27 February 2006, Misasa, Japan

Sponsored by:
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)
Institute for Study of the Earth's Interior, Okayama University (ISEI)

Organized by:
Minoru Kusakabe (ISEI), and
Shigeru Yamashita (ISEI)

Misasa, 11 February 2006

Third Circular


Monday 27 February 2006, Hotel Blanc Art Misasa

08:00Registration desk opens.
09:00-10:25Oral session (Main Hall)
10:25-10:50Coffee break
10:50-12:05Oral session (Main Hall)
12:05-13:30Lunch (Dinning Hall, 2nd Floor)
13:30-14:45Oral session (Main Hall)
14:45-15:05Coffee break
15:05-17:00Oral session (Main Hall)
17:00-17:15Coffee break
17:15-19:00Poster session (Small Hall)
19:30-21:30Banquet (Main Hall)

Monday 27 February, 09:00-17:00

Chair: Yamashita, S.


Kusakabe, M.

Opening: JSPS's Asia-Africa Science Platform Program.


01. Varekamp, J.C.

The salt of the earth: origin and fluxes of volcanic Cl.


02. Taran, Y.

Nitrogen and Argon in volcanic and hydrothermal fluids. Implications for the volatile budget in subduction zones.


03. Notsu, K.

"Visible degassing vs. invisible degassing" during magmatic evolution.

10:25Coffee break

Chair: Taran, Y.


04. Shinohara, H. & Witter, J.

Magmatic degassing during mild-Strombolian activity of Villarrica volcano, Chile.


05. Saito, G.

Magma degassing of Satsuma-Iwojima volcano: constraints from melt inclusions, petrology and volcanic gases.


06. Delmelle, P., Allen, A.G., Delfosse, T., Gauthier, P-J., Lewicki, J.L., Mather, T.A., McGonigle, A.J.S., Oppenheimer, C., Pyle, D.M., Stix, J. & William-Jones, G.

Ten years of degassing at Masaya volcano, Nicaragua: what have we learned?


Chair: Shinohara, H.


07. Bernard, A., Mazot, A., Barbier, B. & Huda, H.

The monitoring of volcanic lakes in Indonesia: from ground to space measurements.


08. Ohba, T., Nakamura, K., Ohwada, M., Hirabayashi, J. & Nogami, K.

Volcanic hydrothermal system of Mt. Kusatsu-Shirane, Japan hosting the active crater lake Yugama.


09. van Bergen, M., Sumarti, S. & Martinez, M.

Crater lakes and the transfer of mantle-derived volatiles to the human environment.

14:45Coffee break

Chair: Kusakabe, M.


10. Yokoyama, T., Aka, F., Kusakabe, M. & Nakamura, E.

Melting processes beneath Mt. Cameroon: constraints from U-Th-Ra and Sr-Nd-Pb isotope systematic.


11. Aka, F.T., Yokoyama, T., Kusakabe, M. & Nakamura, E.

The age of Lake Nyos, Cameroon, using U-Th-Ra disequilibria.


12. Tanyileke, G.

The rationale for degassing Lakes Nyos and Monoun.


13. Kusakabe, M.

35 years of diversity -stable isotope geochemistry, volcano-fluid interaction, and geochemistry linked to mitigation of natural disasters-

Monday 27 February, 17:15-19:00


Ngako, V., Njonfang, E., Aka, T.F., Affaton, P. & Metuk Nnange, J.

The north - south Paleozoic to Quaternary trend of alkaline magmatism from Niger-Nigeria to Cameroon: complex interaction between hotspots and Precambrian faults.


Gemechu, M., Kobayashi, K. & Nakamura, E.

Mineralogy and geochemistry of mantle derived xenoliths and host rocks from Ethiopia.


Kabeto, K. & Nakamura, E.

Petrogenetic study of high-Ti Ethiopian flood basalt province: case study from Maichew area.


Bizuneh, T.D., Kobayashi, K. & Nakamura, E.

Petrogenetic study of Cenozoic volcanism in Yabello and Amaro regions, Southern Ethiopia.


Yoshida, Y.

Construction of rafts for Nyos-Monoun Degassing Project.


Nagao, K., Kusakabe, M., Yoshida, Y. & Tanyileke, G.

Magmatic noble gases in the crater lakes Nyos and Monoun.


Goto, S.

The mask culture of Cameroon: a case study of Nkambe, Cameroon highlands.


Sano, Y., Takahata, N. & Seno, T.

Geographical distribution of 3He/ 4He ratios in the Chugoku district, Southwestern Japan.


Ohwada, M., Kazahaya, K., Itoh, J., Takahashi, M., Morikawa, N., Takahashi, H.A., Inamura, A., Nakama, A., Handa, H., Yasuhara, M. & Tsukamoto, H.

Geochemical study on groundwater and thermal water in and around Iwate volcano, Japan: dispersion feature of magmatic volatiles through the groundwater flow system.


Ishibashi, J., Seguchi, M., Ogawa, K., Nakaseama, M., Yamanaka, T. & Kusakabe, M.

Hydrothermal circulation within modern sediment layer in a shallow submarine volcano, Wakamiko crater, south Kyushu, Japan.


Takano, B. & Nakamura, K.

Geochemical characterization of subaqueous molten Sulfur at active crater lakes.


Tsunogai, U., Komatsu, D.D., Ijiri, A. & Nakagawa, F.

Carbon and oxygen isotopic equilibrium in fumarolic CO: applications for remote temperature measurements.


Bhalla, P., Holtz, F., Linnen, R.L., Behrens, H. & Diedrich, O.

Effect of T, fO2, volatiles and composition on the solubility of cassiterite (SnO2) in evolved granites.


Yamashita, S.

Energetic property of magma degassing: a thermodynamic model.


Monday 27 February, 19:30-21:30
Main Hall, Hotel Blanc Art Misasa


Oral session

The oral session will be held in the Main Hall (4th floor, approx. 100 seats) in Hotel Blanc Art Misasa. You are requested to use a PC projector (connector: D-sub mini 15 pin) for PowerPoint presentation. A PC notebook computer for PowerPoint presentation will be available. If you wish to use this computer please come to the registration desk with your PowerPoint file (in either CD or USB flash memory) before 8:30 AM. If you wish to use your own computer for presentation please contact our staff in advance at the registration desk.

Poster session

The posters will be displayed in the Small Hall next to the main hall where oral session is held. The maximum poster size is 90 cm (width) x 180 cm (height). Push-pins will be available at the registration desk. The posters can be put up in the morning before the oral session starts at 9:00 AM. Remove your poster after the core time (19:00).


Free-of-charge bus:  The Organizers will provide a free-of-charge bus service connecting the conference site and JR Kurayoshi Station in the morning and evening of Monday 27 February. The time table is given below.

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Taxi:  Our staff at the registration desk can arrange a taxi if you wish to go to your hotel in Kurayoshi.

Conference site:  Hotel Blanc Art Misasa, - Address: Misasa 388-1, Misasa, Tottori 682-0123, Tel: 0858-43-2211



Registration desk

The registration desk will be open from 16:30 to 18:00 on Sunday (26 February), and from 08:00 to 19:00 on Monday (27 February) at Hotel Blanc Art Misasa, the conference site (4th floor). You are requested to pay the registration fee at the registration desk. Note that only Japanese yen in cash is acceptable. You will receive a name badge, abstract volume etc. at the registration desk.


All costs for the following catering are included in your full registration fee.
Refreshments. Coffee, tee and doughnut will be offered at the conference site.
Lunch. Japanese-style lunch boxes are offered at the dining room in the conference site (2nd floor).
Banquet. The conference banquet will be held in the evening of 27 February, from 19:30 to 21:30, at the main hall in the conference site (4th floor).

Currency exchange

Overseas participants are strongly recommended to exchange your currency into Japanese yen at the International Narita-Tokyo or Osaka-Kansai Airport. There are no international currency exchange facilities in Misasa. Please also note that ATMs at Japanese banks do not accept credit cards issued in other countries.

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