Misasa Spa town.Hotel Blanc Art (conference site).

The site of the seminar is Hotel Blanc Art in Misasa Spa. The oral session will be held in the main hall (4th floor, approx.100 seats). The posters will be displayed in the small hall, next to the main hall.

Misasa Spa is a small "ONSEN" (hot spring spa) resort nestled in gentle nature and traditional Japanese architecture. The spa traces its history back to about 800 years ago. Old-fashioned Japanese style hotels, public "ONSEN" baths and gift shops stand side by side along the town's narrow cobbled streets. The spa water has an average discharge temperature of about 50 degree C and contains a very high concentration of radon, which made Misasa Spa world famous. Long bathing in the spa water is said to be a very effective way for relaxation. For tourist information about Misasa Spa, please visit:

Outdoor public "ONSEN" bath. The bath is free of charge and open for 24 hr.A narrow cobbled street in the middle of the spa town.

Misasa Spa town map

How to reach Misasa Spa

Misasa Spa is located in San-In district of Honshu island, Japan. Overseas participants may arrive at either Narita International Airport near Tokyo or Kansai International Airport near Osaka. Access to Misasa Spa is given below.

From Tokyo-Narita International Airport: Airport limousine buses leave every 15 min for Tokyo-Haneda Domestic Airport. The bus ride takes approximately 90 min. All Nippon Airways (ANA) connects between Tokyo-Haneda Domestic Airport and Tottori Airport, the nearest airport to Misasa Spa. The flight takes approximately 1 hr. Airport limousine bus leaves for Misasa Spa via Japan Railway (JR) Kurayoshi station at about 10 min after arrival of each flight.

From Osaka-Kansai International Airport: Regular rail service (Japan Railway) is available for transfer between Osaka-Kansai International Airport and Kurayoshi, the nearest railway station to Misasa Spa. The rail connection is as follows: (1) airport limited express "Haruka" from Osaka-Kansai International Airport (departing every 30 min) to Shin-Osaka station; (2) limited express "Super-Hakuto" from Shin-Osaka station to Kurayoshi station. From Kurayoshi station, approximately 20 min local bus or taxi ride takes you to Misasa Spa.

Local Transportation: For public bus service connecting the conference site and JR Kurayoshi station, please visit the conference webpage, local transportation.

Routemap to Misasa Spa

Area map: Kurayoshi ~ Misasa Spa

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