An education enforcement plan

As part of the research program ISEI will accept graduate student and postdoctoral fellows both domestically and internationally. Fellows will engage in cooperative research activities under the guidance or in collaboration with ISEI faculty. Implementing an international joint research program will create an international research environment that will rival other programs at home and abroad. This is an invaluable opportunity for establishing a high research standard as well as a research environment for young scientists that promotes and international field of vision, which they can then carry to other research organizations.

Postdoctoral Fellowship

ISEI will employ postdoctoral fellows selected from an internationally open call for applications. Support for voluntary research activities will include a salary and research expenses. Fellows will be expected to be actively involved with graduate students including helping with the instruction of internship participants.

Doctor's Course

ISEI will accept both domestic and international students for the graduate school Ph.D. program. Each student will be assigned a thesis evaluation committee that will include one international researcher and one domestic researcher within the field of study, as well as three COE-21 program members from ISEI. The committee will provide guidance and evaluation of the research at a high international standard. Students will be provided with research support utilizing an Research Assistant/Teaching Assistant program.

Misasa Internship

ISEI invites undergraduate and Master's course students to be involved in one-month internship program. During the stay at ISEI participants will experience some aspect of actual advanced research, in order to develop an appreciation of research in Earth sciences. Participants will be accepted from an internationally open call for applications. The participants will be instructed by ISEI COE-21 program members, postdoctoral fellows, and doctor's course students.

Misasa Language Course

ISEI will arrange English training for Japanese students and postdoctoral fellows. We will also provide Japanese language training and assistance for international students and postdoctoral fellows in order to foster a positive and lively exchange of ideas among all COE-21 program participants.