Japanese language course

Teacher: Yoshiko NAKANO (Postgraduate Diploma for Teaching Japanese certified by University of Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate(UCLES))

ISEI provides quality Japanese courses throughout the year, as well as One-to-One lessons. For those who wish to experience the essence of what it is like to learn Japanese, or who are just to hold a simple conversation with habitants during their stay in Japan on pleasure, we have a 16 weeks Beginners Course. Also other intensive courses are designed for those who really wish to study Japanese over a longer period of time.

Beginners Pre-intermediate Intermediate Upper intermediate Advanced

Student Study for Approx.(hours)

75 20 45 40 70

The courses will focus on aspects of 3 skills; Speaking, Hearing , Writing skills. A teacher will use an effective method called a communicative method. It focuses on encouraging participants to practice the language to help building confidence and developing fluency.

During a lesson basically a textbook will not be used, but the topics are followed by the order of different kinds of textbooks*. With the aid of a text book, the syllabus aims to provide useful, relevant words or sentences using up-to-date and interesting materials. Occasionally a teacher provides handouts. ( *Textbooks ; "Japanese For Busy People" (Kodansha International, ISBN: 4770018827) mainly used , "Shin-nihongo no kiso" (The Association for Overseas Technical Scholarship, ISBN4906224512) etc. )

The actual programme content will be determined by the level, and to some extent the interests of the group as a whole. And the teacher will give participants feedback and guidance according to their need.

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