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COE-21 Ph.D. studentships available at ISEI, Misasa

The Institute for Study of the Earth's Interior (ISEI) was established to conduct research on the origin, evolution and dynamics of the Earth, with research foci on analytical geochemistry, and high-pressure and temperature material sciences. The ISEI has been selected as a Center of Excellence for the 21st Century (COE-21), and is designated as an "Establishment of International Research Center of Solid Earth Science" based upon the development of advanced experimental and analytical techniques by its researchers. As part of the COE-21 program, the ISEI seeks to support some foreign Ph.D. students. Foreign and domestic students working at the ISEI will benefit from excellent research facilities and an extremely stimulating intellectual environment. Each student will be assigned a thesis evaluation committee consisting of one international researcher and one domestic researcher from within the field of study, and three COE-21 program members from the ISEI. Students will be fully supported by the COE-21 program.

A solid science background is a prerequisite for admission to our program; however, study programs designed on an individual basis will provide strength in areas appropriate to the planned research. Applicants should hold, or expect to soon hold, a master's degree or have otherwise demonstrated their abilities to conduct research. Although the ability to communicate in Japanese is not required to enter our graduate school, the ISEI will offer some elementary-level Japanese language courses. Adequate skills in English communication are required and non-English speaking applicants must submit TOEFL and GRE General Test records. Our graduate school belongs to the Graduate School of Natural Sciences and Technology, Okayama University; deadlines for domestic applications are at the beginning of February and at the end of August, and deadlines for foreign applications are at the beginning of February and May. Eligibility to apply will be checked by the admission office 3~4 weeks before submission of applications. Before submissions, applicants should contact faculty with whom they anticipate working for information regarding education and research programs at ISEI, admission processes, and life in Japan.

Applications should be sent to:

Professor Eizo Nakamura, Director
Institute for Study of the Earth's Interior
Okayama University at Misasa
Tottori 682-0193 JAPAN
Voice & FAX: +81-858-43-3789