Aims of the 21st century COE program "Establishment of an international research center for solid Earth science"

Processes operating during the formation and evolution of terrestrial planets for the past 4.6 Gyr have resulted in a complex distribution of chemical elements. Elemental fractionations result from variable element partitioning among solids, fluids and melts, and can yield a wealth of information about the nature of the processes involved.

The purpose of this COE-21 program is to elucidate the dynamic processes leading to complex elemental distributions by a thorough understanding of the physico-chemistry of element partitioning. The following three primary approaches are taken:

ISEI is an ideal host Institute for collaborative studies with researchers from around the world. We have advanced experimental and technological facilities and expertise, and have developed methodologies that are easily transferable to the visiting researcher. We can provide an efficient and productive research environment for the visitor, permitting cutting-edge research to be performed.

The next generation of research carried out under this new COE-21 program is to advance our understanding of solid Earth and planetary material science to a new and higher level. A key to success of this project is the involvement of the international community, not only in collaborative research but also in continuous evaluation of the progress and goals of the program.

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