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Ph.D. studentships available at ISEI, Misasa. (The temporal application guide is available now)


Objective: Fundamental goals of Earth and Planetary science are to understand the “origin, evolution and dynamics of earth and planets” through physics and chemistry of planetary materials and to contribute to the common heritage for a mankind. In order to achieve this goal, the Division of Earth and Planetary Material Science has established a unique Five-year Ph.D. program which enables training of elite scientists of the next generation.

Outline: The Division of Earth and Planetary Material Science is established to allow a five-year Ph. D. educational program. By doing so, students with bachelor’s degree can enter our program and work for their doctoral degree while receiving a necessary basic education in to accomplish their goal. Students admitted into this program already with a master’s degree, with basic training in physics, chemistry and other disciplines, will be able to make maximum use of the extended period to pursue their research. At the end of the second year, students will be given a qualification exam that includes both oral exam and an essay related to their research topics. At that stage, those who were not qualified will be asked to leave the program. The graduate school intends to nurture elite scientists under such a competitive environment.
In principle, students enrolled in this program will be candidates of exemption from entrance fee and tuition fee. If not qualified for the exemptions, students will be given a research assistantship (RA) and scholarship to compensate for the fees. Japanese-language education is also available for international students. Administrative procedures and assistance will be provided from English speaking support staff.
As described above, the main characteristics of our graduate program is the opportunity for students with or without master’s degree can work for their doctoral degree and to receive the necessary supervision. Students considered to be exceptionally qualified may complete their Ph.D. in less time.

Admission policy: The Division of Earth and Planetary Material Science at Okayama University seeks students who meet the following requirements.

  • Those who have a specific goal to obtain a Ph.D. degree, and further realize that in order to become a leading scientist in this field, it is normally necessary to spend about 5 years in a graduate program.
  • Those who understand that even after receiving a master’s degree in physics, chemistry or other discipline including earth sciences, it is important to spend maximum of five years to build up a knowledge necessary to become an elite scientist who can succeed in an international research environment.
  • Those who are willing to pursue research activities in a competitive educational environment.
  • Those who can envision their career path from an international perspective, and wish to improve their communication skills and to develop and enhance their insights and imagination in earth and planetary sciences as needed for a successful scientist.
  • Those who have the passion to focus on their research and aim to complete their program in three years if possible.

Posting Date: 2009/01/07