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Internally heated pressure vessel"Dr. HIP"

pressure vessel
internal heater assembly

machine specifications:

  • pressure: 10-200 MPa
  • temperature: 300-1500 degree C
  • sample volume: max. 0.4 cm3 (5 mm diameter, 20 mm length)*
  • quenching operation: rapid quench**
  • manufacturer: KOBELCO (Kobe Steel Ltd.)
*temperature gradient over the length of sample estimated to be 10 degree.
**isobaric rapid quench: a sample is hung by thin Mo wire in the hot spot of the internal heater assembly; at the end of experiment, the hanging wire is broken by surge current, thereby letting the sample fall into the cold bottom of the vessel.


  • determination of mineral-melt-fluid equilibria in magma reservoir and conduit


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  • Yamashita, S. (1999). Experimental study of the effect of temperature on water solubility in natural rhyolite melt to 100 MPa. Journal of Petrology 40, 1497-1507.

person(s) whom users should contact: Shigeru YAMASHITA.