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KAWAI-type multi-anvil high-pressure apparatus, USSA-5000

Manufactured by Sumitomo Heavy Industries Co. in1979.

Machine specification

  • Guide block system: uniaxial split-sphere type
  • Maximum press load: 20 MN
  • 1st stage anvil: hardened-steel split-spheres, 2nd stage anvil: tungsten carbide cubes with 32 mm edge length
  • Maximum pressure: 30 GPa
  • Maximum temperature: 3000 K
  • Sample volume: 1 mm3 at 30 GPa, 5x102 mm3 at 10 GPa


  • Synthesis of high-pressure samples
  • Determination of phase relations by the conventional quench method
  • Electrical conductivity measurement at simultaneous high pressures and temperatures
  • Thermal diffusivity measurement at simultaneous high pressures and temperatures
  • Ultrasonic experiment at high pressures

Scientists to contact: Daisuke Yamazaki, Takashi Yoshino, Akira YONEDA.