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In April 2007, IPM(ISEI) expanded its educational offerings by establishing an independent division within the Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology, Okayama University, called the Division of Planetary Material Sciences. This division consists of two groups: Department of Analytical Planetary Chemistry and Department of Experimental Planetary Physics.

One of the important missions of IPM is to educate graduate students who will lead the scientific community in future generations. Such education is achieved with selected students doing world-class research activities and using IPM-developed state-of-the-art experimental and analytical techniques.

IPM fosters an atmosphere where students are in close interaction with their academic supervisors, visiting scientists, affiliated faculties, postdoctoral fellows, and other graduate students from around the globe. A learning environment is provided wherefrom the students can acquire not only analytical techniques and scientific knowledge but also internalize IPM's philosophy towards science.

IPM recruits high-quality graduate students from Japan and around the world. It provides all graduate students with full financial support. This includes exemption from school fees, support through teaching and research assistantships, and travel allowance for field studies and participation in international conferences. We believe that such support will encourage students to be self-reliant, and further enhance their motivation towards scientific activities.

All seminars and classes are given in English. As an added bonus, international students are offered Japanese language classes so they may gain insight into Japanese culture and integrate more smoothly into life in Japan.

IPM also has a summer intern program for young undergraduate and graduate students. Details of this activity can be seen here.

In the next fiscal year, IPM will initiate the Graduate School of Earth and Planetary Material Science of Okayama University. It will mean a five-year Ph.D. program which today is unique in Japan. This change would enable more intense, thorough (but less stressful) training of students. The detailed application will be available soon.