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Action Policy

IPM is a unique collaborative research center for research into the solid earth. It has hosted many domestic researchers and conducted collaborative researches with scientists from worldwide. It provides an efficient and productive research environment for its visitors. It provides an efficient and productive research environment for its visitors. IPM’s resources and approaches are based on a philosophy that is leading-edge, and financial support that has been progressive. In FY2003, the 21st century COE Program, entitled “Establishment of an international research center for solid Earth science”, was put in place. The Institute has been very successful in implementing both the research and educational aspects of this program.

In FY2005, the research framework was reorganized and a renewed “Institute for Planetary Materials” was established. The design was broadened to elucidate the dynamic processes involved during the evolution of the terrestrial planets. Four research divisions were created: Analytical Planetary Chemistry, Experimental Planetary Physics, Promotion of International Collaborative Research, and International Visiting Professors. Close coordination between these divisions exists. Deep commitment to and involvement with cutting-edge collaborations are fostered.

IPM plans to expand studies on planetary sciences through a program with long-stay affiliate scientists. This will involve collaboration in a broader range of interests, to include geology, geophysics, petrology, volcanology, meteoritics, and environmental science.

In IPM, an ideal host institute for collaborative studies with researchers from around the world has been created. We welcome the involvement of the international community in collaborative research and continuous evaluation of the Institute’s progress and goals —both we consider key to the success of the new IPM. Two committees to further IPM’s international commitments were formed: Steering Committee and an International Advisory Committee.

The re-organization also sought to improve the educational environment for the next-generation of scientists. We offer a great educational opportunity for students to experience and learn from IPM. We expose them to leading-edge earth science and hone their research skills through positive interaction with excellent scientist. The expertise and philosophy acquired from IPM’s educational program will support their scientific careers.

The organizational structure is in place. IPM has the needed advanced experimental and technological facilities. IPM has the required expertise. IPM has the commitment that will make possible consequent advancements in research in the Earth and planetary sciences.

We work together today and move forward to an even more meaningful future in research in earth and planetary material science.