Call for COE-21 Post-Doctoral Fellows at ISEI, Misasa

The Institute for Study of the Earth's Interior (ISEI), Misasa, Japan, is accepting applications for international post-doctoral fellowships from outstanding young scientists. ISEI has been selected as a Center of Excellence for the 21st Century (COE-21), and is designated as an "Establishment of International Research Center of Solid Earth Science". This designation is founded upon the advanced experimental and analytical techniques that have been developed at ISEI, with the aim of understanding the origin, evolution and dynamics of the Earth. Advanced facilities in three basic research areas including high-pressure and -temperature materials science, isotope and trace element geochemistry, and high-resolution geochronology are concentrated in this institute and are operated at an extraordinarily high level.

As part of this program we can offer several international post-doctoral fellowships. Fellowships are initially for one year, with the possibility of extension to up to four years depending on progress. Fellowships include a generous stipend of~ $40,000 per year, including round trip airfare. Interested individuals should send a proposal of up to two pages in length that includes a general statement of the proposed research and a general research plan that includes what type of facilities are required. Applicants should also send a complete curriculum vita and contact information (postal address, telephone, fax and e-mail) for three references. Non-English speaking foreign applicants are also required to submit TOEFL records if available.

Closing date for applications: July 31, 2004 (postmark date)

Applications should be sent to:

Professor Eizo Nakamura, Program Leader of COE-21 and Director
Institute for Study of the Earth's Interior
Okayama University at Misasa
Tottori 682-0193 JAPAN
Voice & FAX: +81-858-43-3789