Phase equilibria for the Fe2SiO4-Fe3O4 system under high pressure

大高 理(Osamu Ohtaka)


藤部 秀樹(Hideki Tobe)


山中 高光(Takamitsu Yamanaka)


受け入れ教官:伊藤 英司

High pressure phase relation of the system Fe2SiO4-Fe3O4 was investigated by synthesis experiments using multi-anvil high pressure apparatus. A complete solid solution with spinel structure along Fe2SiO4-Fe3O4 join occurs above 9 GPa at 1200℃. Lattice constants of the solid solution show almost linear variation with composition. A spinelloid phase is stable for intermediate compositions in the pressure range from 3 to 9 GPa. The synthesized spinelloid phase is successfully indexed assuming nickel aluminosilicate V type structure.

Institute for Study of the Earth's Interior