Kurayoshi is a small city located in the San-In district of Honshu island, Japan. Overseas participants may arrive at either the Narita International Airport near Tokyo or the Kansai International Airport near Osaka. Access to Kurayoshi is given below.

Those arriving at the Narita International Airport are recommended to go to the Tokyo-Haneda Domestic Airport inside Tokyo megalopolis by bus. The limousine bus runs every 15 to 20 minutes between Narita Airport and Tokyo-Haneda Airport, but it takes 1-2 hours to reach the Tokyo-Haneda Airport depending on the traffic conditions. For more information, including the timetable and fare, please visit the Airport's English web site ( From Haneda you can fly to Tottori, the nearest airport to Kurayoshi, on ANA (All Nippon Airways). There are three flights a day from Haneda to Tottori, departing at approximately 7:30 am, 11:30 am and 4:50 pm. Please visit ANA's English web site ( for more information including the timetable and fare. Upon arrival at Tottori Airport, you can get on a connecting bus that will take you to Kurayoshi JR station. It takes approximately 1 hour and costs 1200 yen per person.

Those arriving at Kansai International Airport (English web site: can reach Kurayoshi by train ( There is a JR station located in the airport where train tickets can be purchased. The train connections are as follows: 1) Express train "Haruka" to Shin-Osaka JR station, 2) Express train "Super-Hakuto" from Shin-Osaka, which goes either directly to Kurayoshi or to Tottori depending on the time of day. A local train is available for the last leg to Kurayoshi if needed. The entire trip from Kansai to Kurayoshi takes about 5 hours. Seat reservation is recommended, and it can be done at JR's ticket counter at the Kansai Airport. The entire train fare will be approximately 10,000 yen per person. Please note that when you use express trains in Japan you are requested to purchase not only the train tickets but also the tickets for seat reservation. The train fares given above include both. Detailed instructions and time table can be found at: ISEI web site

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