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 There is wide diversity in human character.
 We therefore make it a goal to enhance individual strong points
 when educating our students.
 As a result, our students have succeeded in pursuing cutting edge research.
 Although the number of students that have graduated from our program is
 still small, our curriculum enables us to provide an "order made" education for
 each individual.  The following are some of the educational activities
 we have designed for our students.

[1] Lab. Meeting

 We have a Lab. meeting in the morning of every Friday.
 Every attendant first gives a brief progress report about his/her recent
 research activities.
 Then we discuss various ways of improving the quality and efficiency of
 the research.
 In our laboratory, all faculty member, post-doc student, and graduate
 student conduct their own research topics on an equal basis.
 Thus, the second aim of this weekly meeting is to allow the students to see
 and experience their supervisors' research progress, including the
 problematic areas.
 We believe that such real examples of scientific research efforts can help
 students mature with respect to their knowledge and methods of conducting

 [2] Hacto Seminar

 The Hacto Seminar is held every other week jointly between the High
 Pressure Mineral Physics Group and the Experimental Planetary Group.
 In this seminar, we report on numerous research results in a more formal
 manner than in the abovementioned group meeting.
 All the attendants, regardless of position, participate in the discussion on
 equal footing, as we believe that differences in social status are
 meaningless in science.

 [3] Nature and Science Seminar

 In this seminar, we make a rapid report of important papers, such as
 published on Nature and Science.
 As long as it is important, we may report other papers published on other
 journals. The choice of paper is absolutely up to individuals.
 The aims of this seminar are not only to prevent us from being buried in
 routine work, but also to expand our scientific scope

 [4] Colloquiums, Seminars, and Lectures

 The backgrounds of our students are very different. After examining each
 individual's background, we strive to work on improving his or her weak
 points, especially those that are indispensable in research, through various
 Fortunately, we can accomplish this on a one-to-one basis due to our small
 number of students. For example, we have started physics seminars in areas
 such as thermodynamics, statistical mechanics, and electromagnetism,
 for students from the fields of earth sciences.
 In addition, we have also held introductory earth science seminars for
 students from other disciplines. We also provide opportunities for reading
 up-to-date articles carefully with mentors to help students understand the
 cutting edge trends in their research field.

 The activities [1]-[4] mentioned above are known as "events" in our
 research group.
 Simultaneously, informal interactions, such as daily discussions, are also
 quite common among us, with the topics of discussion ranging from
 educational or management to technical or scientific issues.
 Through these activities, we can further cultivate our logical thinking