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2017.12.22 Year-end-party in Misasa Photo1 Photo2
2017.08.05 BBQ @ Natsudomari Beach Photo
2017.08.01 Dr. Xu Fang joined SOLEIL, the synchrotron facility in France as a postdoc
2017.03.25 Xu Fang obtained a Doctor of Philosophy
2017.01.05 Essay "Kakenhi and Me" written by Prof. E. Ito posted on JSPS website Click here
2016.12.22 Year-end-party was held at Seiryuso Photo 
2016.10.24 New member joined - Youyue Zhang (D1)
2016.10.19 New member joined - Jaseem V. (D1)
2016.09.13 D4 Student Xie Longjian Introduced in "SPring-8 News" here Avaiable only in Japanese 
2016.08.06 BBQ party was held at Natsudomari beach Photo
2016.03.25 Sun Wei obtained a Doctor of Philosophy
2016.02.16 Sun Wei's presentation of dissertation was held Photo
2016.01.04 New Member: Hitoshi Gomi joined as an Postdoctoral Researcher
2015.12.25 Year-end Party (Seiryusou, Misasa) Photo
2015.12.04 COMSOL conference 2015
Best Oral Presentation Award(Yoneda)

New member, Liu Chao entered graduate school.


2 members of HACTO group held a presentation at an international symposium sponsored by Kumamoto University. (09.08)

BBQ Party Photo

6members of HACTO group visited 'Institute of Geochemistry Chinese Academy
of Sciences'(Kiyou) and 'China University of Geosciences'(Wuhan). (06.18-06.24)