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research outline

Global seismology and high-pressure experiments comprise the most important tools for the study of the Erth's deep interior. My research interest is to yield basic experimental data combining both of these tools. Presently I am conducting the following:

(1) Resonant ultrasound spectrophy for measuring the elasticity of mantle minerals, such as b and g spinels and perovskite.

(2) Pulse transmition technique for measuring the acoustic velocity of mantle minerals under high pressure.

(3) Stress analysis in a high-pressure cell and in anvils in order to improve the quality of high-pressure experiments.
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curriculum vitae


B.S. Department of Physics
March 31, 1977. Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan

M.S. Department of Material Physics
March 31, 1979. Osaka University, Osaka, Japan
Dissertation Title - Phase transition in barium and bismuth under high pressure

Ph.D. Department of Earth Sciences
July 19, 1990. Nagoya University, Nagoya Japan
Dissertation Title - Pressure derivatives of elastic constants of single crystal MgO and MgAl2O4

employment history

April, 1979 - December, 1993: Senior Technical Officer, Department of Earth Sciences, Nagoya University.
April, 1992 - March, 1994: Research Associate at the Cooperative Institute for Environmental Sciences, University of Colorado at Boulder, Colorado, USA.
January 1994 - August 1997: Assistant Professor, Department of Earth Sciences, Nagoya University.
September, 1997 - Present: Associate Professor, Institute for Study of the Earth's Interior, Okayama University.
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publication list
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