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Reseach Interests


Current Research Interests

Thermodynamics of water solubility in silicate melts under pressures

Isentropic rise path of a water oversaturated magma body

Vibrational spectroscopy of water-bearing silicate glasses

The major area of my interest is experimental investigation of magmatic processes, with a specific interest in the role of volatile components such as water. My current concern is water-oversaturation phenomenon in a rising magma body. Water is a major volatile component dissolved in magma at depth (up to 4-5 wt% or 10 mol% at 100 MPa), and is capable of nearly complete escape from the melt (but being sustained as vapor bubbles) when the magma rises to near the surface. Such a phenomenon promotes a major change in the energetic properties of the system. My research will help in fully quantifying the energetic effects of water oversaturation in a magmatic melt, which thereby makes it possible to describe the P-V-T evolution of a rising water-oversaturated magma body as a simple continuum problem. This will provide a rigorous petrological base for better understanding the dynamics of magma migration beneath volcanoes.

Recent Publications

  1. Chertkova, N. and Yamashita, S. (2015). In situ spectroscopic study of water speciation in the depolymerized Na2Si2O5 melt. Chemical Geology 409, 149-156. DOI: 10.1016/j.chemgeo.2015.05.012
  2. Chertkova, N., Yamashita, S., Ito, E. and Shimojuku, A. (2014). High-pressure synthesis and application of a 13C diamond pressure sensor for experiments in a hydrothermal diamond anvil cell. Mineralogical Magazine 78, 1677-1685.

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