Misasa-2012 & Geofluid-2 Program

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March 17 (Sat)Blanc Art Misasa
19:00-21:00Ice Breaker

Oral session

March 18 (Sun) at Misasa Town Hall

8:50Opening Remarks: M. Kanzaki, E. Takahashi

Subduction zone and dynamics of the Earth-1

Chair: T. Matsuzawa and R. Burgmann
9:00O18A1D. McKenzie, K. Priestley - INVITED
Craton formation beneath Tibet
9:30O18A2T. Nakakuki, H. Iwamori - INVITED
Water effects on the dynamics of subducted slabs
9:50O18A3H. Iwamori - INVITED
Fluid processes in subduction zones and global water circulation
10:10Coffee Break
10:30O18A4Y. Kato - INVITED
Deep-sea sediments in the pacific ocean as a new mineral resource for rare-earth elements and a tracer for mantle activity
10:50O18A5T. Okada, K. Yoshida, K. Shikasho, R. Takagi, T. Matsuzawa, A. Hasegawa - INVITED
Role of geofluids on seismicity change remotely caused by the 2011 M9.0 Tohoku-Oki earthquake
11:10O18A6I. Katayama, S. Kawano, K. Okazaki - INVITED
Fluid pathways in a subduction zone inferred from permeability experiments
11:30O18A7R. Burgmann - INVITED
The role of fluids in the rheology of rocks and fault zones in the lower crust and upper mantle
12:30Public Lecture T. Matsuzawa
2011 Tohoku-Oki Earthquake (in Japanese)

Subduction zone and dynamics of the Earth-2

Chair: Y. Ogawa and P.E. Wannamaker
14:00O18B1P.E. Wannamaker - INVITED
Fluid domains and implications for modes of strain in the Cascadia Subduction System, USA, from magnetotelluric electrical resistivity
14:30O18B2T. G. Caldwell, W. Heise, E. A. Bertrand, G. J. Hill, S. L. Bennie - INVITED
Fluid transport in Hikurangi Subduction Zone: a magnetotelluric view
15:00O18B3Y. Ogawa, H. Fukino, M. Ichiki, W. Kanda - INVITED
Three-dimensional electromagnetic imaging of fluids in NE Japan and its seismological and volcanological implications
15:20O18B4M. Uyeshima, Y. Usui and Research Group for Resistivity Structure Beneath the Niigata-Kobe Tectonic Zone - INVITED
Deep resistivity structure beneath the Atotsugawa Fault area in the Niigata Kobe Te- Tectonic Zone revealed by a joint inversion combining wideband- and network-MT surveys
15:40Coffee Break
16:00O18B5H. Ichihara, T. Kasaya, K. Baba - INVITED
2-D electrical resistivity structure around the seismo-genic zone of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake (M9.0)
16:20O18B6A. Kato - INVITED
Fluids dehydrated from the subducting oceanic crust and non-volcanic seismic swarms
16:40O18B7S. Ide - INVITED
Interplate and intraplate low-frequency earthquakes in western Japan
17:00O18B8S. H. Kirby - INVITED
Intraplate mafic magmatism, CO2 metasomatism, and mantle seismogenesis

March 19 (Mon)Blanc-Art Misasa

Nature of fluids in subduction processes-1

Chair: H. Iwamori and T. Churikova
9:00O19A1T. Morishita, A. Zanetti, M. Mazzucchelli, M. Yoshikawa, T. Suzuki, A. Tamura - INVITED
Partial melting, modal metasomatism and serpentinization due to multiple infiltrations of geofluids in the Finero Mafic-Ultramafic Complex, Italy
9:20O19A2M. Hamada, M. Ushioda, E. Takahashi - INVITED
Experimental constraints on partitioning of hydrogen between plagioclase and basaltic melt
9:40O19A3T. Churikova - INVITED
Variable fluid sources across the Kamchatka arc: evidence from volatile and fluid mobile trace elements
10:10O19A4J. -I. Kimura, H. Kawabata, J. B. Gill, P. E. van Keken, B. R. Hacker, R. J. Stern - INVITED
Element mass balance and slab-mantle processes in subduction zones
10:30Coffee Break
10:50O19A5H. Nakamura, H. Iwamori - INVITED
Geochemical tomography for melting condition beneath Japan arcs
11:10O19A6J. Nakajima, A. Hasegawa - INVITED
Geofluid in the Pacific plate inferred from seismological observations
11:30O19A7T. Yokoyama, H. Iwamori, K. Uekii - INVITED
Uranium-series disequilibrium in volcanic rocks from the northeast Japan arc
11:50O19A8I. Sumita, Y. Shibano, Y. Ota, A. Namiki - INVITED
Exploring ascent mechanisms of geofluids using laboratory experiments
13:00Poster session I: P19-series core time

Nature of fluids in subduction processes-2

Chair: T. Kogiso and J. Hermann
14:00O19B1J. Hermann - INVITED
Cooking the subduction soup: nature and composition of subduction zone fluids
14:30O19B2K. Okamoto, C. Iijima, Y. C. Chan, M. Kurosawa, M. Terabayashi - INVITED
Fluid chemistry of the fault propagation zone in the mid-crust-fluid inclusion analysis from the Lishan fault, Taiwan
14:50O19B3T. Hirajima, K. Yoshida, Y. Sengen, N. Noguchi, T. Kobayashi, T. Mishima, S. Ohsawa - INVITED
Areal distribution of Li/B ratio of crush-leached fluid obtained from high-P type metamorphic rocks of the Sanbagawa belt, Japan
15:10O19B4K. Hirauchi, S. A. M. den Hartog, C. J. Spiers - INVITED
Effects of Si-metasomatism on rheological weakening of the slab-mantle interface
15:30Coffee Break
15:50O19B5M. Rabinowicz, M. Bystricky - INVITED
Physical and analogical modeling of fluid-rock interaction in deforming media. Applications for the understanding of deep earthquakes in subducting slabs
16:20O19B6Y. Takei, C. McCarthy, F. Karasawa - INVITED
Anelasticity of polycrystalline material over a broad frequency range
16:40O19B7K. Fuji-ta, T. Katsura, M. Ichiki, M. Seki - INVITED
Variation in electrical conductivity of hydrous rock and mineral
17:00O19B8A. Shimojuku, T. Yoshino, D. Yamazaki - INVITED
Electrical conductivity of fluid-bearing quartzite at 1 GPa

March 19 (Mon)Ohashi Ryokan
18:00Self-guided tour of traditional Japanese Style Ohashi Ryokan Hot-spring bathes Gankutsuburo, Fukubenoyu and Seseraginoyu(outside) are open to use.
19:00Conference Banquet

March 20 (Tue)Blanc-Art Misasa

Physics and Chemistry of Earth Materials-1

Chair: M. Nakamura and M. Rabinowicz
9:00O20A1H. Sakuma, K. Kawamura - INVITED
A mechanism and stability of water lubrication between mineral surfaces
9:20O20A2T. Watanabe - INVITED
Geometry of intercrystalline brine in plastically deforming halite rocks: inferernce from electrical resistivity
9:40O20A3S. Uehara, I. Shimizu, K. Okazaki - INVITED
Effects of pore pressure on fault mechanics at brittle-plastic transition zones
10:00O20A4M. Nakamura - INVITED
Aqueous fluid connectivity in the crustal rocks: a microstructural perspective
10:20Coffee Break
10:40O20A5N. Tsuchiya, A. Okamoto, N. Hirano - INVITED
Hydrothermal brecciation - new aspects of crustal failure by geofluids
11:00O20A6N.Tomioka, T. Okuchi, N. Narangoo, X. Guo
Behavior of hydrogen isotopes in brucite at crustal conditions
11:20O20A7X. Guo, T. Yoshino, T. Okuchi, N. Tomioka
Proton migration and electrical conductivity of hydrous minerals under high pressure
11:40O20A8S. Yoshimura, M. Nakamura - INVITED
Mechanism of persistent volcanic degassing inferred from melt inclusions and reactive transport modeling
13:00Poster session II: P20-series core time

Physics and Chemistry of Earth Materials-2

Chair: T. Okuchi and T. Inoue
14:00O20B1J. B. Parise, L. Skinner, C. J. Benmore, J. K. R. Weber, S. Tumber, L. Lazareva, J. Neuefeind, L. Santodonato - INVITED
Introduction to the properties and applications of neutrons
14:30O20B2A. Sano-Furukawa, K. Komatsu, T. Kuribayashi, T. Yagi, E. Ohtani - INVITED
Neutron diffraction studies on hydrous and nominally anhydrous minerals
14:50O20B3T. Okuchi
Hydrogen dynamics in atomic scale at high pressure by in situ NMR and neutron diffraction: case study for brucite, Mg(OH)2
15:10O20B4Y. Katayama, O. Yagafarov, T. Ikeda, H. Saitoh, K. Aoki, T. Hattori, H. Fukui, Y. Tange, K. Funakoshi - INVITED
Structure of water under high pressure and high temperature
15:30Coffee Break

Chair: M. Kanzaki and X. Xue
15:50O20B5X. Xue, M. Kanzaki
NMR crystallography of high-pressure minerals: recent progress
16:10O20B6H. Fukui, N. Hiraoka, M. Kanzaki - INVITED
Electronic structures of MgSiO3 glass and crystalline polymorphs
16:30O20B7M. Murakami - INVITED
Sound velocities of deep earth’s materials
16:50O20B8Y. Wang, G. Shen - INVITED
Coordinated and integrated high-pressure studies on melting and melts at GSECARS and HPCAT sectors of the Advanced Photon Source

March 21 (Wed)Blanc-Art Misasa

Structure and dynamics of the deep Earth's Interior-1

Chair: TBA
9:00O21A1A. Yoneda, F. Sohag
Three-dimensional composite elasticity for porous system and its application to Cmcm-CaIrO3 elasticity as an analog of post-perovskite phase
9:20O21A2H. Jung, J. Lee, B. Ko, S. Jung, M. Park, Y. Cao, S. Song - INVITED
Analysis of water-induced olivine fabrics obtained from North-Qaidam UHP belt in NW China and its implications for recycling water into deep mantley
9:40O21A3T. Katsura, D. Yamazaki, S. Chakraborty, R. Dohmen, A. Shatsky, J.-S. Xu, H.-Z. Fei, C. Hegoda, H. Yurimoto, M. Wiedenbeck - INVITED
Self-diffusion coefficients of mantle minerals and its applications to mantle rheology
10:00O21A4Y. Nishihara - INVITED
Deformation experiments of mantle materials at the conditions of deep earth’s interior
10:20Coffee Break

Chair: TBA
10:40O21A5U. Faul, G. Garapić, I. Jackson, G. Abers - INVITED
Isolating the effects of melt on seismic velocity and attenuation in subduction zones
11:10O21A6D. Weidner, Li Li - INVITED
The Low Velocity Zone: caused by melts or melting?
11:30O21A7J. F. Lin - INVITED
Electronic spin transition of iron in earth’s lower mantle
12:00O21A8T. Yoshino
Some remarks obtained from electrical conductivity measurement under high pressure
13:00Poster session III: P21-series core time

Structure and dynamics of the deep Earth's Interior-2

Chair: TBA
14:00O21B1K. Ohta, T. Yagi, N. Taketoshi, K. Hirose, T. Komabayashi, T. Baba, Y. Ohishi, J. Hernlund - INVITED
Lattice thermal conductivity of MgSiO3 perovskite and post-perovskite at the core-mantle boundary
14:20O21B2M. Schmidt, A. Rohrbach, A. Golubkova, S. Ghosh - INVITED
Subduction derived C-bearing liquids and their encounter with a highly reduced mantle: redox freezing and melting and the role of carbides
14:50O21B3M. Satish-Kumari, T. Yoshino, S. Mizutani, H. So, M. Kato - INVITED
Understanding carbon isotope systematics in the deep earth
15:10O21B4D. Yamazaki, E. Ito, T. Yoshino, A. Shimojuku, A. Yoneda, X. Guo, B. Zhang, W. Sun, Y. Higo, K. Funakoshi
P-V-T equation of state of hcp-Fe
15:30O21B5E. Ohtani - INVITED
Phase relations and physical properties of the earth’s core
15:30Coffee Break

Chair: TBA
16:10O21B6T. Irifune, N. Nishiyama, H. Ohfuji, T. Shinmei, F. Isobe, Y. Higo - INVITED
Synthesis of nano-polycrystalline diamond and other consolidated polycrystalline materials using large Kawai-type apparatus
16:30O21B7S. Tateno, K. Hirose, H. Ozawa, Y. Ohishi, N. Hirao - INVITED
The structure of iron-nickel alloy in earth’s inner core
16:50O21B8Y. Tange, K. Miyanishi, N. Ozaki, T. Sano, T. Tsuchiya - INVITED
Phase relations in MgO to TPa regime investigated by laser-driven shock compression experiments
17:10O21B9E. Ito, D. Yamazaki, T. Yoshino, S. Shan, X. Guo, T. Kunimoto, Y. Higo, K. Funakoshi
High pressure study of transition metal monooxides CoO

Poster session

March 19 (Mon) at Blanc-Art Misasa

Core time: 13:00-14:00
P19-01M. Ishikawa
Petrological crustal structure model for island arc around Japan
P19-02B. Gordeychik, T. Churikova
Subduction of the northern edge of pacific plate below Kamchatka
P19-03A. Petukhin, T. Kagawa
High seismic attenuation in the upper crust and subducting oceanic crust of the Philippine Sea subduction zone, Japan: is it effect of fluids?
P19-04T. Takahashi
Feature extraction of lithospheric structure beneath the northeastern Japan
P19-05M. Kosuga
Anomalous seismic activity near the Moriyoshi-zan volcano in Akita prefecture, northeastern Japan, possibly triggered by migration of geofluid
P19-06M. Yamamoto
Temporal change in shallow subsurface structure detected by coda wave interferometry - long-term variation and co-/post-seismic change in near-surface velocity -
P19-07A. Miyoshi, T. Kogiso
Petrological evidence for two-stage serpentinization: a case study of Iwanai-dake ultramafic rocks, Kamuikotan Belt, Hokkaido, Japan
P19-08J. Ando,T. Nishiwaki, Y. Hayasaka, H. Ohfuji, K. Watanabe, T. Hara - INVITED
Generation mechanism of slickenside in chert block
P19-09K. Fujinaga, Y. Kato, Y. Hieda, Y. Takaya, M. Tanimizu, H. Nakamura, H. Iwamori
Pb isotopic compositions of hydrothermal deposits in the Japanese island arc as a tracer of slab-fluids
P19-10Y. Fujita, H. Nakamura, C. Kusuda, H. Iwamori
Rare earth element composition of the Arima-type brine and its implications for slab-derived fluid
P19-11M. Arakawa, K. Okamoto, S. Fukumura, K. Yi , Y. Tsutsumi
Shrimp U-Pb dating of zircons related to the partial melting in deep subduction zone -case study from the Sanbagawa quartz bearing eclogite-
P19-12K. Yoshida, T. Hirajima
High Li/B fluid inclusions found from HP/LT type metasediments
P19-13K. Ariyoshi, T. Matsuzawa, R. Hino, A. Hasegawa, Y. Kaneda
Effect of geofluid on repeating earthquakes perturbed by large postseismic slip
P19-14M. Tanimizui, K. Nagaishi
Precise 11B/10B analysis of hot spring water with a simplified MC-ICP-MS
P19-15K. Kazahaya, M. Takahashi, H. A. Takahashi, N. Morikawa, M. Yasuhara, T. Sato, H. Tsukamoto, Y. Oyama, M. Ohwada, K. Horiguchi, Y. Tosaki, A. Inamura, H. Handa, A. Nakama, T. Kirita
Spatial distribution of slab-derived volatiles found in groundwater in Japan
P19-16F. Higashino, T. Kawakami, M. Satish-Kumar, M. Ishikawa, K. Maki, N. Tsuchiya, G. Grantham, T. Hirata
Chlorine-rich fluid activity in the granulite facies continental collision zone -an example from Sør Rondane Mountains, East Antarctica
P19-17T. Kuwatani, K. Nagata, M. Okada, T. Toriumi
Geofluid mapping by Markov random field model
P19-18M. Hata, N. Oshiman, R. Yoshimura, Y. Tanaka, M. Uyeshima
3D electrical resistivity structure beneath arc volcanoes by the network- MT data: slab-derived fluids and partial melt in the subduction zone
P19-19R. Orozbaev, T. Hirajima
Aqueous fluids and lawsonite pseudomorphs in ultra-high pressure talc-garnetchloritoid schists of Makbal Complex, Kyrgyzstann
P19-20H. Matsuoka, R.Antoine, K. Kurita
Starting plume in permeable media by streaming potential(2)
P19-21K. Asano, E. Takahashi, M. Hamada, M. Ushioda, T. Suzuki
Experimental study on magma plumbing system beneath Fuji volcano
P19-22T. Nakagawa, M. Furucihi
A fate of ultra mafic residue generated by the island arc formation in the globalscale numerical modeling of thermo-chemical mantle convection
P19-23K. N. Matsukage, M. Iehisa
Hydrous melting of lherzolite and formation of Mg- and Si-rich cratonic mantle
P19-24Y. Shibano, I. Sumita, A. Namikii
Experiments on melt ascent by thermal erosion in a magma chamber
P19-25G. Morra, D. A. Yuen, S. M. Lee
Multiscale boundary element models of supercritical carbon dioxide

March 20 (Tue, holiday) at Blanc-Art Misasa

Core time: 13:00-14:00
P20-01S. Azuma, I. Katayama
Rheological structure of the Venus inferred from deformation experiments and effect of it on tectonics
P20-02D. Kim, I. Katayama, K. Michibayashi, T. Tsujimori
Relative strength between glaucophane and lawsonite in naturally deformed blueschist from Daiblo Range, California
P20-03Y. Harada, I. Katayama
Seismic behavior of crustal rocks under high confining pressure and pore pressure condition -starting up of measuring mechanism-
P20-04J. Ohta, T. Tokunaga
Modeling permeability in the deep crust based on the solid-liquid dihedral angle and energy consideration
P20-05M. Kitano, T. Watanabe
Brine distribution in synthetic halite rocks - inference from measured electrical Conductivity
P20-06S. Kawano, T. Yoshino, I. Katyama
In-situ measurement of electrical conductivity of serpentinite during deformation
P20-07K. Okazaki, I. Katayama, M. Takahashi
Effect of pore fluid pressure on the frictional behaviors of serpentinite
P20-08M. Uno, H. Nakamura, H. Iwamori
Fluid infiltration and change in mass transfer during the exhumation of Sanbagawa Metamorphic Belt, Japan
P20-09A. Okamoto, H. Saishu, N. Tsuchiya
Precipitation of silica minerals from hydrothermal solutions: effect of trace amount of Al
P20-10S. Ohi, T. Kogiso, T. Hirajima
Aqueous and carbonate fluid inclusions synthesized from hydrous and carbonate minerals
P20-11M. Sakurai, N. Tsujino, E. Takahashi, K. Kawamura
Effect of Al content and oxygen fugacity on water partitioning between olivine and orthopyroxene
P20-12S. Yamashita, B. O. Mysen
Speciation of N-O-H volatiles in coexisting fluids and silicate melts determined in-situ at high pressures and high temperatures under reducing conditions
P20-13P. Narangoo, N. Tomioka, T. Okuchi
Hydrogen diffusion in brucite at high pressure
P20-14N. Noguchi, K. Shinoda
Behavior of OH group in antigorite under high pressure and temperature and pressure-induced amorphization
P20-15K. Ueki, H. Iwamori
Thermodynamic calculation of partial melting of mantle peridotite at multi pressure
P20-16S. Urakawa, Y. Katayama, T. Watanabe, T. Kikegawa - INVITED
Structure of liquid iron at high pressures
P20-17X. Liu, M.Kanzaki, X. Xue
The crystal structures of two Zn2SiO4 high-pressure polymorphs
P20-18R. Wang, M. Kanzaki
Pressure-induced phase transitions in AlPO4 from first-principles
P20-19F. Noritake, K. Kawamura
Molecular dynamics simulation of Na2O•3SiO2 under high pressure
P20-20N. Chertkova, S. Yamashita, E. Ito, A. Shimojuku
Synthesis of 13C diamond pressure marker for in-situ DAC experiment
P20-21T. Kawamoto, K. Mibe, K. Kuroiwa, T. Kogiso
Synchrotron radiation x-ray fluorescence analysis of aqueous fluids and highmagnesian andesite melt under high-temperature and high-pressure conditions
P20-22A. Sano-Furukawa, T. Hattori, H. Arima, W. Utsumi
Current status of high pressure neutron diffraction beamline “PLANET” at J-PARC
P20-23Y. X. Liu, J. Yang, X. Wu, S. Qin, G. H. Shi, M.Y. He
Structural stability of CaGe2O5 under high pressure based on density functional theory calculations

March 21 (Wed) at Blanc-Art Misasa

Core time: 13:00-14:00
P21-01B. H. Zhang, T. Yoshino, T. Katsura, X. P. Wu
Electrical conductivity of hydrous orthopyroxene: implications for the electrical structure in the upper mantle
P21-02T. Inoue, T. Yabuki, H. Yurimoto - INVITED
Water contents of Al-bearing minerals in the mantle transition zone and the lower Mantle
P21-03A. Suzuki - INVITED
Viscosity of carbon dioxide-bearing silicate melt at high pressure
P21-04A. Shatskiy, K. D. Litasov, T. Katsura, Y. M. Borzdov, D. Yamazaki, E. Ohtani
Silicate diffusion in alkali-carbonatite and hydrous melt at 16.5 and 24 GPa, with implications for mass transfer in the deep mantle
P21-05T. Imai, E. Takahashi, T. Tsujino, Y. Higo, K. Funakoshie
Phase diagram of Fe-H system at 15 and 20 GPa: in-situ x-ray experimental study using single crystal diamond capsule
P21-06T. Sakai, E. Ohtani, H. Terasaki, S. Kamada, N. Hirao - INVITED
Sulfur content in the core
P21-07H. Terasaki, S. Urakawa, D.C. Rubie, K. Funakoshi, T. Sakamaki, Y. Shibazaki, S. Ozawa, E. Ohtani - INVITED
Droplet size of liquid Fe-alloy in terrestrial magma ocean
P21-08N. Hirao, Y. Ohishi, T. Mitsui, T. Matsuoka - INVITED
Pressure-induced magnetic transition in iron hydride
P21-09M. Matsui, E. Ito, D. Yamazaki, T. Yoshino, X. Guo, S. Shan, Y. Higo, K. Funakoshi - INVITED
Isothermal compression and spin transition of (Mg0.83,Fe0.17)O and (Mg0.75,Fe0.25)O ferropericlase at 300, 700, and 1100 K
P21-10M. Osako, A. Yoneda, C. Wang, E. Ito - INVITED
Thermal property measurements of mantle materials to conditions of the transition zone
P21-11Y. Tange, Y. Kimura, T. Irifune
Fe-Mg partitioning between perovskite and magnesiowüstete at 50 GPa and 2100 K
P21-12S. Ono - INVITED
Garnet-perovskite transformation in CaGeO3
P21-13H. Ozawa, K. Hirose, F. Takahashi, Y. Ohishi, N. Hirao - INVITED
Phase relations in FeO at high pressure and temperature
P21-14A. Shimojuku, A. Boujibar, D. Yamazaki, T. Yoshino, N. Tomioka, J. Xu
Growth rates of ringwoodite reaction rims from perovskite and periclase
P21-15N. Tsujino, Y. Nishihara, Y. Seto
Deformation experiments of (Mg,Fe)SiO3-perovskite at the lower mantle conditions
P21-16T. Kondo, K. Nagaki, T. Sakaiya, T. Kadono, K. Shigemori, Y. Hironaka - INVITED
Fragmentation process in laser-shocked olivine
P21-17T. Kunimoto, T. Irifune, K. Funakoshi - INVITED
High pressure generation in MA6-6 system using newly-designed NPD anvils