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"Joint Symposium of Misasa-2012 and Geofluid-2"

Dynamics and Evolution of the Earth's Interior: special emphasis on the role of fluids

March 18 ~ 21, 2012

Misasa, Tottori, JAPAN

Third Circular

Thank you for registration and for submitting abstracts. We now have near 150 perticipants. 64 oral presentations and 65 poster presentations are scheduled. Now the program for oral and poster sessions are available (see below). Please check your presentation date and time. If you have problem, please let us know. The abstract volume (pdf) will be available soon from this site. We are looking forward to see you at Misasa.

Scientific program

The main theme of the symposium is "Dynamics and Evolution of the Earth's Interior: special emphasis on the role of fluids". The symposium will cover researches of diverse scientific approaches, ranging from high pressure/temperature experiments, geophysical/geological observations, geochemical/geochronological analyses, physicochemical characterization and theoretical modeling, aiming at an integrated understanding of the various aspects of dynamics and evolution of the Earth's Interior.

Detailed program and the abstract volume


Abstract volume (pdf: 20.5 MB)


講師: 松澤 暢 教授 (東北大学 地震・噴火予知研究観測センター)
3月18日(日曜日)午後12:30 ~ 13:30 三朝町総合文化ホール(無料)

Public lecture

Lecturer: Prof. Toru Matsuzawa (Tohoku University)
Title: "2011 Tohoku Earthquake", presentation in Japanese
March 18th (Sun) 12:30 ~ 13:30 MIsasa Town Bunka Hall (free)

Presentation information

The oral session is held in the large hall (Univers) at 4th floor, BlancArt Misasa. For the oral presentations, basically, speakers must use a projector provided by LOC and their own laptop computer. We will only accept computer-based PowerPoint presentations. Please connect your computer to the projector and confirm the proper operation before your presentation during coffee break time. Ensure that your computer is equipped with the proper monitor connector (mini D-sub 15 pins). If your computer does not have this connection, please bring an appropriate converter with you. Be sure to bring an AC adaptor with you. Standard AC voltage this area is 100 V 60 Hz.

The poster session is held in the hall (Excellent) at 4th floor, BlancArt Misasa. The poster board surfaces measure W90cm X H180cm. A poster number card is displayed at the top left of the board. A supply of pushpins will be available in the poster area for mounting your poster. Each poster must have a label at the top that indicates the title of the paper, the name(s) of the author(s) and their affiliation(s) as shown below. The presenting author should be marked with a circle

General schedule of the symposium

Evening, March 17 17:00- Registration desk opens (Blanc Art Misasa)
19:00- Icebreaker party
Morning, March 18 Scientific session "Subduction zone and dynamics of the Earth-1" (Misasa Town Hall)
Poster session I
Afternoon, March 18 Public Lectures: Prof. Toru MATSUZAWA (Tohoku University) in Japanese
Scientific session, "Subduction zone and dynamics of the Earth-2"
Morning, March 19 Scientific session, "Nature of fluids in subduction processes-1" (Blanc Art Misasa)
Poster session II
Afternoon, March 19 Scientific session, "Nature of fluids in subduction processes-2"
Evening, March 19Banquet (Ohashi Ryokan)
Morning, March 20 Scientific session, "Physics and Chemistry of Earth Materials-1" (Blanc Art Misasa)
Poster session III
Afternoon, March 20 Scientific session, "Physics and Chemistry of Earth Materials-2"
Morning, March 21 Scientific session, "Structure and dynamics of the deep Earth's Interior-1" (Blanc Art Misasa)
Poster session IV
Afternoon, March 21 Scientific session, "Structure and dynamics of the deep Earth's Interior-2"
Evening, March 21 Celebration party for Prof. Eiji Ito's recipient of the Bridgman award (Blanc Art Misasa)
(not part of the symposium)

Registration and accommodation

Please visit the following website to complete online registration and hotel reservation.

The deadline for online registration is extended (former deadline was January 31st).

  • English registration site
  • Japanese registration site

  • Registration fee

    Regular JPY 10,000
    Student JPY 5,000
    Accompanying person JPY 5,000
    One-day registration JPY 5,000
    Registration includes fee for Ice Breaker and lunch (4 days). Ice Breaker party will serve a light meal and soft drinks.

    Child care

    Child care is available. Please contact Ms. Masako Uyama for details

    Celebration party for Prof. Eiji Ito

    Immediately following the symposium (on the evening of March 21 (Weds), a separate event celebrating emeritus Professor Eiji Ito's recipient of the Bridgman award this summer is also planned at the same venue (Blanc Art Misasa). For those who wish to attend the party, contact Ms. Arai for registration. The fare for the party is JPY 8,000, and please pay at the site.


    Misasa, the venue for the symposium, is a small town located in Tottori prefecture on the western part of the main island of Japan (see map below). Misasa is accessible from Haneda Airport to Tottori Airport by air (~1 hr.) plus airport shuttle bus (~1 hr., JPY 1,200), or by rail or bus from Osaka-Kansai International Airport (~4 hr.).


    The symposium will be held at the Misasa Town Hall (Misasa-cho Sogo Bunka Hall) on March 18, and at Blanc Art Misasa (head quarter hotel) on March 19-21. Bus transportation between Blanc Art Misasa and Misasa Town Hall will be provided on March 18. Public bus from JR Kurayoshi Station to Misasa takes ~20min (JPY 420).

  • More travel information
  • Google map: Misasa
  • Google map: JR Kurayoshi station
  • map_misasa


    We have reserved rooms for the participants at "Blanc Art Misasa" and "Hotel St Palace Kurayoshi". Blanc Art Misasa is the headquarter hotel for the symposium. Two to five people (depending on the size of the room) will share a room. Single room is available at St. Palace Kurayoshi (single room with breakfast: JPY 7,400). Please keep in mind that the latter hotel is located 10 km away from the venue for the symposium, which takes about 20 min by bus and the bus service is infrequent. The LOC recommends choosing Blanc Art Misasa (JPY 9,390 per person per night including breakfast and dinner). Please note that dinner for March 21 is not included, because a separate celebration party for Professor Eiji Ito is planned (see below). For those who wish to share your room with a particular person, please send e-mail to Mr. Nobuhiro Tsuji. For more information, please visit the registration site.

    There are many excellent traditional Japanese inns (ryokan) in Misasa. Ohashi Ryokan, where the Banquet will be held on March 19, is one of them. For those who wish to stay in Ohashi Ryokan (JPY ~20,000 per person per night including breakfast and dinner), we have reserved limited number of rooms at Ohashi Ryokan. For more information, please visit the registration site.

    Travel arrangements

    Participants may purchase flight/railway tickets to the symposium venue through the travel agency, Academia Tours Inc.. Please contat Mr. Nobuhiro TSUJI (President of Academia Tours, Inc.).

  • Accomodation and tour site for the symposium (Link to Academia Tours, Inc.)
  • Phone: +81-3-3403-0071
  • Fax: +81-3-3403-0061

  • Important dates

    Second circular December 15 (Thu), 2011
    Third circular February 20 (Mon), 2012
    Registration and accommodation beginsDecember 20 (Tue), 2011
    Registration and accommodation deadlineJanuary 31 (Tue), 2012 (Now extended!)
    Abstract submission beginsDecember 20 (Tue), 2011
    Abstract submission deadlineJanuary 31 (Tue), 2012
    SymposiumMarch 18 (Sun.)~21 (Weds), 2012

    Local organizing committee

    Kanzaki, M.(ISEI) Chair, Director of ISEI
    Yokoyama, T. (Tokyo Inst. Tech.) Co-chair
    Yoshino, T. (ISEI) Program Committee Chair
    Takahash, E. (Tokyo Inst. Tech.) Project leader of "Geofluids"
    Xue, X. (ISEI)
    Yamazaki, D. (ISEI)
    Yoneda, A. (ISEI)
    Yamashita, S. (ISEI)
    Okuchi, T. (ISEI) Abstract Chair
    Tomioka, N. (ISEI)
    Shimojuku, A. (ISEI)
    Hamada, M. (Tokyo Inst. Tech.)
    Nakamura, H. (Tokyo Inst. Tech.)
    Sakuma, H. (Tokyo Inst. Tech.)
    Kawamura, K. (Okayama Univ.)

    Geofluids core member

    Takahashi, E. (Tokyo Inst. Tech., Japan) Project leader
    Matsuzawa, T. (Tohoku University, Japan)
    Ogawa, Y. (Tokyo Inst. Tech., Japan)
    Kogiso, T. (Kyoto University, Japan)
    Nakamura, M. (Tohoku University, Japan)
    Iwamori, H. (Tokyo Inst. Tech., Japan)


    The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science & Technology in Japan (MEXT)