Solid-state NMR Lab
Institute for Planetary Materials (formerly Institute for Study of the Earth's Interior), Okayama University
Misasa, Tottori 682-0193 Japan

Our group utilizes solid-state NMR as a unique probe to study the structure and properties of Earth materials (minerals, melts, glasses, etc) produced under conditions from the surface to the deep interior, as well as related materials of industrial interests. In addition, we also carry out first principles calculations, complementary micro-Raman spectroscopic studies, and high-pressure and temperature experiments. A combined experimental and theoretical approach is the key to many sophiscated issues in materials sciences, and our group has the expertise in both aspects. As a new endeavor, we are also planning to apply these techniques, in combination with other analytical techniques, to study inorganic-organic-fluid interactions in Earth and planetary materials.

Faculty members affiliated:

Dr. Xianyu Xue, Professor of Mineralogy & Magmalogy
Ph.D. 1993, Stanford U. (USA)
M.Sc. 1988, U. Alberta (Canada)
B.Sc. 1984, Peking U. (China)
Speciaty: mineralogy, magmalogy, NMR spectroscopy
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Dr. Masami Kanzaki, Professor of Mineralogy, Magmalogy & High-pressure Materials Sciences
DSc., Geophysics Institute, U. Tokyo (1987)
M.S., Earth Science, Okayama U. (1985)
B.S., Earth Science, Ehime U. (1983)
Speciaty: Mineralogy, Magmalogy, High-Pressure Materials Sciences
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