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Institute for Planetary Materials, Okayama University at Misasa

827 Yamada, Misasa, Tottori 682-0193, Japan
phone: +81-858-43-1215 fax: +81-858-43-2184

How to reach Misasa

Misasa is a small town located in Tottori prefecture on the western part of Honshu (the main island of the Japanese archipelago) facing Japan Sea. In general, Misasa is accessible from Tokyo-Narita International Airport by air (~1 hr.) and bus (~1.5 hr.); or by rail or bus from Osaka-Kansai International Airport (~4 hr.).

From Tokyo-Narita International Airport:

  • International travelers must transfer to Haneda Airport (HND) to catch the ANA flight to Tottori. Airport limousine buses leave Narita for Haneda every 15 min. Tickets are available from Information counters at the Arrivals Hall (¥3,200). Bus stops are outside this hall. The bus ride takes approximately 90 min. The airport nearest to Misasa is Tottori Airport (TTJ). externarl linkAll Nippon Airways (ANA) flies between Haneda and Tottori with five flights a day (with two flights for the time being); flight takes approximately 1 hr. From Tottori Airport, airport limousine bus takes you to Kurayoshi station. These buses leave for Misasa 10 minutes after each airplane arrival. While waiting for your luggage, purchase your Hinomaru Bus ticket to Kurayoshi JR station from the vending machine (¥1,220). The bus stop is the second stop on the second row. Be quick or you will miss the bus.
  • After arriving Kurayoshi station, take a taxi or local bus to Misasa. See below, “From Kurayoshi Station to Misasa” which tells you how to get on the local bus.

From Osaka-Kansai International Airport:

  • Regular rail service (externarl linkWest Japan Railway Company) is available for transfer between Osaka-Kansai International Airport (KIX) and Kurayoshi JR station, the railway station nearest to Misasa. The rail connection is as follows: (1) Airport limited express "Haruka" from Osaka-Kansai International Airport to Shin-Osaka station (departing every 30 min.); (2) Limited express "Super-Hakuto" from Shin-Osaka station to Kurayoshi station (five trains a day). From Kurayoshi station, take a taxi (or local bus) to Misasa (approx. 20 min.)
  • By bus from KIX airport, travel by bus requires two legs. First, take the Shuttle Bus from KIX to OCAT (Osaka City Air Terminal) from bus stop No.11 on 1F (ground floor) outside of KIX terminal building. Purchase the ticket (¥880) from the ticket machine just before bus stop No. 11. The 50-minute bus ride will take you to OCAT 2F (externarl linkTime table). Second, take the Nihon Kotsu Express bus to Misasa (bound for Kurayoshi) which leaves from Gate No.6 on OCAT 2F. Purchase the ticket from the counter (¥4,200). Please get off at the bus stop "Misasa Onsen-Guchi)". This bus stop is 1.5 km from the Institute, a 25-minute walk. Local bus service is available during the daytime, 5.30AM - 6.00PM, and comes every 30 minutes. Also you can arrange an appointment with the Institute for pick-up.

From Kurayoshi JR Station (West Japan Railway Company) to Misasa:

  • From Kurayoshi JR station, a local bus service to Misasa is available. Take a blue bus at platform 3, bound for "Misasa Onsen". Take a numbered ticket upon entering the rear door of the bus. Pay upon exit through the front door (exact change; fare box can change paper money). Your fare is determined by the number which will correspond to a bus (zone) fare appearing on the digital board near the driver. Get off at the "Okadai Wakusei busshitsu Kenkyu-sho mae" which means lit. in front of IPM. Please contact your host faculty for detailed time table.

Hotel accommodation at Airport

IPM can provide information about hotel accommodation near Narita International Airport, Kansai International Airport, and Haneda Airports.

Near Narita Hotel
Please contact our administration office.
Haneda Air Port

Excel Tokyu Hotel (externarl linkwebsite)

The hotel is in Terminal 2, which is used by the ANA for flights to or from Tottori Airport.
Kansai Airport

Kansai Airport Washington Hotel (externarl linkwebsite)

Corporate charge (Contact our administration office for booking)
Single: ¥7,800 - ¥9,900
Early check-in : 12:00PM
Late check-out : 12:00PM

Service for Carry-on Luggage at the Airports

Baggage delivery services ("takkyubin") are available -- between the airports and your home, office, or any place services are available. Upon arrival, drop off your luggage at the delivery counter in the arrival lobby. Before departure, pick up your luggage at the delivery counter in the departure area. For shipments to the airport, please ask IPM staff. For more details please visit the following webpages of the airports:

externarl linkBaggage delivery service at Tokyo-Narita International Airport
externarl linkBaggage deliverly service at Haneda Airport (Tokyo International Airport)
externarl linkBaggage deliverly service at Osaka-Kansai International Airport

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