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We aim elucidate the structure, dynamics and evolution of the
Earth's interior by experimental study of the physical and
chemical properties of the Earth's constituents.

2020.12.01 Professor Yoshino elected as a fellow of the Mineralogical Society of America (MSA)
2020.10.05 IPM News Letter 2020 No.3 (pdf) is available Here
2020.06.01 New member joined - Izumi Mashino (Tenure Track Junior)
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2012.03.30 Sun, W., Yoshino, T., Sakamoto, N., Yurimoto, H., Hydrogen diffusion mechanism in the mantle deduced from H-D interdiffusion in wadsleyite, Earth and Planet. Sci. Lett., 561, 116815, 2021 external linkScienceDirect
2021.02.17 Ezenwa, I. C., Yoshino, T., Martian core heat flux: Electrical resistivity and thermal conductivity of liquid Fe at Martian core P-T conditions,Icarus, 360, 114367, 2021 external linkScienceDirect
2020.12.24 Zhang, B., Zhao, C., Yoshino, T., Fe-Mg interdiffusion in wadsleyite and implications for water content of the transition zone. Earth and Planet. Sci. Lett. 554, 116672, 2021 external linkScienceDirect
2020.07.16 Yamazaki, D., Pressure generation in the Kawai-type multianvil apparatus and rheology of the Earth’s interior, Japanese Magazine of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences 49,15-27,2020 (in Japanese) external linkJ-Stage
2020.06.25 Xu, F., Yamazaki, D., Tsujino, N., Guan, L., Lattice preferred orientation of stishovite deformed at high pressure and high temperature, Physics. Earth. Planet. Inter. 306, 106546, 2020external linkScienceDirect
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2017.10.12 半導体ダイヤモンドヒーターによる超高温発生 半導体ダイヤモンドヒーターを開発し、超高圧下で約4000Kの超高温発生に成功
2016.10.18 地球マントル最下部D”層の謎を解明 ポストペロブスカイト構造の結晶弾性を非弾性X線散乱法により世界で初めて測定
2016.09.20 下部マントル深部の地震波速度異常(LLSVPs)を解き明かす鍵
2014.02.20 夢の百万気圧達成
2014.03.27 地球マントル最下部D”層の謎を解明 ポストペロブスカイト構造の結晶弾性を非弾性X線散乱法により世界で初めて測定
2014.09.25 沈み込み帯スラブがマントル遷移層に水を供給することを解明