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The mission of the Institute for Planetary Materials (IPM) is to study the origin, evolution and dynamics of the Earth and other planets and the origin of life. As a Joint Use/Research Center for Earth and planetary materials science designated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), we offer Joint Use/Research opportunities to both domestic and overseas researchers in research fields related to Earth and planetary materials science. Innovative applications for joint use/research are welcome

We accept five research categories of Joint Use/Research at IPM (hereafter called the Joint Research), i.e. international joint research, general joint research, joint use of facility, workshop, and intern-type joint research, in order to promote collaborative research in research fields related to Earth and planetary materials science. These include joint research conducted at IPM by international/domestic researchers in collaboration with faculty of IPM, research conducted via joint use of facilities of IPM by international/domestic researchers, workshops sponsored by IPM, and intern-type joint research sponsored by IPM. We welcome not only proposals that further promote research conducted at IPM, but also research in areas that are complementary, as well as those that accelerate the research activity of IPM as a research center for earth and planetary materials science.

Category of Joint Use/Research Program

1) International joint research: Joint research conducted by a researcher belonging to an international research organization in collaboration with faculty of IPM by using the facilities, equipment, samples and data of IPM. Researches conducted outside IPM may be considered. Domestic researchers outside IPM can join the research as a collaborator.

2) General joint research: Joint research conducted by a researcher belonging to a domestic research organization other than IPM in collaboration with faculty of IPM by using the facilities, equipment, samples and data of IPM. Researches conducted outside IPM may be considered.

3) Joint Use of facility: Research conducted by a researcher belonging to an international or domestic research organization other than IPM by using the facilities of IPM.

4) Workshop: Domestic/international workshop on a specific research theme sponsored by IPM for promoting joint research. In principle, the workshop should be held at Okayama University or online.

5) Internship-type joint research: Long-term joint research conducted by a student belonging to a domestic/international research and educational organization, in collaboration with the faculty of IPM, on a research project proposed by the faculty of IPM, by using the facilities, equipment, samples and data of IPM.

*Remote collaborative research (either asking IPM staff to perform measurement and analysis, or remote access to IPM facilities, without visit to the institute) might be offered for Joint research 1) and 2) and Joint use of Facility 3) depending on the facilities. Please inquire your host faculty member for details.

*The recruitment of the internship-type joint research (category 5) is conducted separately once a year. The eligibility and period of the program will be described separately.

*We also accept applications for joint use/research from the industry in order to promote industry-university collaboration. Please consult with a faculty member whom you are interested in collaborating with.


The application is open to international and domestic researchers belonging to a research organization or others equivalent, including 4th-year undergraduate students and graduate students. When an undergraduate/graduate student applies as a principal researcher, his/her supervisor must agree to and participate in the project as a collaborator. When the project includes, as a collaborator, undergraduate/graduate student who is not supervised by the principal researcher, permission from the student's supervisor must be obtained.

For joint research and workshop, a faculty member of IPM must be included as a collaborator.

A principal investigator can apply for up to one joint research project and one workshop.

Method of application

Before application, obtain formal consent from the organization you belong, and consult with a faculty member of IPM about your research project, expected visiting period, and required expenses. Refer to “Research Divisions and Faculty Members of the Institute for Planetary Materials, Okayama University” shown separately for the research area and faculty members of IPM. The application must be done by filling out a designated format (given below) and send it to E-mail address shown below.

Application form download etc (Click link)

Research period

Period between April 1, 2024 and March 31, 2025.

The application must be made each fiscal year even if the project is continued from previous year.

Necessary expenses

  • The use of equipment is in principal free of charge for all accepted research projects. Nevertheless, the users may be requested to partly cover the cost of expendables. Please consult with the manager of the facility in advance.
  • Part of the travel and living expenses may be provided within the limits of budget as necessary for international joint research and general joint research and workshop that are conducted at IPM. The number of visits, number of persons, and duration that is financially supported may be limited depending on the budget. Note that upper limit of expenses covered by IPM is 300,000 yen for one general joint research and one workshop. When an undergraduate/graduate student applies as a principal researcher, travel expenses and living expenses will not be provided for his/her supervisor as a collaborator.
  • Travel expenses will not be provided in principal for joint research conducted outside IPM, such as sample analysis request, use of IPM research facility, samples, data, etc. outside IPM, and joint use of facility.
  • Only expenses related to joint use/research may be provided. In order to meet the needs for joint research from the broad research community within the limited budget, we welcome joint research sponsored by external funding.

Application deadline

Must arrive no later than January 31 (Wed.), 2024

(Application ofr joint research in urgency may be accepted any time, but mut be received no later than January 24 (Fri.), 2025

Selection and notification

The decision will be made by the director after evaluation by the Steering Committee of Joint Use/Research Center of IPM. The proposals will be evaluated comprehensively on the basis of conformity of project with the aim of the program, academic importance, feasibility of research proposal, and expenses required. Applications that are considered to have particular academic importance and expected to produce outstanding results will be considered in priority. Special considerations will be given to the applications from researchers of university or research organization of small scale and young researchers. Research projects that require financial supports and those that do not require the support will be evaluated separately for each research category. Written notification of the decision will be sent to the applicant by e-mail.

Report of joint use/research

A report must be submitted with the provided form to the e-mail address shown below after the research period. Due date of the research report for FY2024 joint use/research will be May 31, 2025.


The copyright of the submitted report belongs to IPM. Therefore, please be sure to conform with the following:

1. The report must be original. A copy of an article already published on journals or proceedings cannot be accepted.
2. The author must take the responsibility when any problems related to the copyright law incur.

Disclosure of results

The report submitted to IPM will be made open at IPM's website. Also, IPM will publish the research report of joint use/research in each fiscal year. If you do not wish to disclose it to the public due to a patent application, please let us know at the time of the submission.

Publication of research results and others

When the research result is published, please properly describe in the acknowledgement, that it is a joint use or joint research with IPM. Some examples are shown below.

1) This paper presents results of a joint research program carried out at the Institute for Planetary Materials, Okayama University, supported by "Joint Usage / Research Center" program by MEXT, Japan.
2) This study was performed using joint-use facilities of the Institute for Planetary Materials, Okayama University.
3) ______ was supported from IPM for Joint-Use Research.

Also, please send a reprint of the published paper to the administration office of IPM (PDF file or two hard copies).

Intellectual properties

In the event that inventions are made as a result of joint research, its attribution etc. shall be decided after negotiation with consideration given to the contribution to the invention by each researcher and the institution concerned.

Handling of the personal information

Personal information provided in the application process will be handled strictly in accordance with the related laws of Japan and the regulations of Okayama University, and will be used only for the purposes of the application, reporting of the results of joint use/research, and providing related information. Regardless of adoption or rejection, applications and submitted documents will not be returned.

Security trade control

When providing research instruments, samples, technology etc. to overseas (non-residents in Japan) or conducting joint research with overseas researchers, it may be necessary to take measures according to the Okayama University Regulations on University Security Export Management.

Accident insurance

Accepted joint use researchers from overseas must purchase travel insurance before leaving your country to cover medical expenses for unexpected accidents or sickness during the period of joint use/ research at IPM. For students enroll at universities in Japan, please join the Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research("Gakkensai") before starting joint use/research.


The "Misasa guest house" located close to IPM may be used. Please communicate with the faculty of IPM and notify the administration office for the visit period at least two weeks before the visit. The accommodation fee for joint-use researchers is: Western-style room: 1,600 yen (per night) Japanese-style room: 1,200 yen (per night)

Address for submission and contact information

The department of general affairs, Institute for Planetary Materials, Okayama University 827 Yamada, Misasa, Tottori, 682-0193, Japan
Phone: +81-858-43-1215

Regarding this web page, contact to Masami Kanzaki.

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