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People who earned academic degree at ISEI, Okayama University

Doctoral degree | Master's degree

Doctoral degree

Name Degree Degree thesis Supervisor Date
SAKYI, Patrick Asamoah Ph. D. Magma Plumbing System of the Hawaiian Volcanoes: Constraints from Geochemical and Pb Isotopic Study of Olivine-hosted Melt Inclusions. NAKAMURA, Eizo Sep. 2008
MALAVIARACHCHI, Malavi Arachchillage Sanjeewa Ph. D. Understanding of melting and melt/fluid migration within the Earth's upper mantle using major and trace element and multi-isotopic (Pb, Sm-Nd, Lu-Hf) geochemical tools on residual peridotite. NAKAMURA, Eizo SEp. 2008
BIZUNEH, Tesfaye Demissie Ph. D. Petrogenetic study of Cenozoic flood volcanics in Yabello and Amaro regions, southern Ethiopia. NAKAMURA, Eizo Sep. 2008
MESSO, Charles Wilson Ph. D. Geochemistry of volcanic and plutonic rocks from the southern Musoma-Mara greenstone belt : implication for the evolution of the Tanzania craton. NAKAMURA, Eizo Sep. 2008
MANTHILAKE, Arachchilage Geeth Mahinda Manthilake Ph. D. Laboratory measurements of electrical conductivity and their application to composition and dynamics of the mantle. KATSURA, Tomoo Sep. 2008
TOKESHI, Satoshi Ph. D. Role of asthenospheric and lithospheric mantle incorporated into intraplate volcanism along the continental margin: Constraints from temporal and spatial geochemical variations of volcanic rocks from northern Kyushu, SW Japan. NAKAMURA, Eizo Mar. 2008
SERJILKHUMBE, Amar-Amgalan Ph. D. U-Pb geochronology and multi-isotope systematics of granitoids from Mongoria, Central Asian Orogenic Belt: Implications for granitoid origin and crustal growth during the Phanerozoic NAKAMURA, Eizo Mar. 2008
Main-Ceron Maria Isabel Ph. D. Major, trace element and multi-isotopic systematics of SW Colombian volcanic
arc, northern Andes: Implication for the stability of carbonate-rich
sediment at subduction zone and the genesis of andesite magma
NAKAMURA, Eizo Sep. 2007
KALININA, Elena Ph. D.. Comprehensive geochemistry of the volcanic rocks of the northern pat of the
Cretaceous Okhotsk-Chukotka Volcanic Belt (NE Russia), and its implications
for geodynamic models
NAKAMURA, Eizo Sep. 2007
AKALU, Takele Chekol
Ph. D. Geochemical evolution of shallow magma plumbing system in the last 240
years, and mantle melting processes beneath Hekla volcano, Iceland:
Implication from 238U-230Th-226Ra isotopic disequilibrium and comprehensive
geochemical study
NAKAMURA, Eizo Sep. 2007
LU, Yinghuai Ph. D. Development of analytical methods for Lu-Hf isotope system and applications to studies of crustal growth NAKAMURA, Eizo Mar. 2007
KITAGAWA, Hiroshi Ph. D. Petrological and geochemical study of the Icelandic Tertiary lavas: Implications for the evolution of Iceland mantle plume (abstract, 60KB PDF) NAKAMURA, Eizo Mar. 2006
MORIYAMA, Takeru Ph. D. Geochemical and isotopic study of lower crustal xenoliths from Oki-Dogo, Southwest Japan: Implications for the origin and evolution of the continental lower crust (abstract, 85KB PDF) NAKAMURA, Eizo Mar. 2006
TSUJIMURA, Tomoyuki Ph. D. Experimental Study of Sulfur Speciation in Silicate Melts and Glasses KANZAKI, Masami Sep. 2004

Master's degree

Name Degree Degree thesis Supervisor Date
Melesse Gemechu MSci

Petrology and geochemistry of mantle xenoliths from Ethiopia

NAKAMURA, Eizo Sep. 2007
Ferdous Hasan Sohag MSci Elastic properties of Cmcm-CaIrO3 as an analogue of post perovskite YONEDA, Akira Sep. 2007
ITAI, Takaaki MSci Geochemical study of arsenic-contaminated groundwater from Sonargaon, central Bangladesh (abstract, 30KB PDF) KUSAKABE, Minoru Mar. 2006
KAWABE, Kazuyuki MSci A new method to synthesize single crystals at high-pressures : Dual Heating method (abstract, 60KB PDF) KATSURA, Tomoo Mar. 2005
MIYAZATO, Ryoko MSci 東北日本北上山地栗橋花崗岩体における地球化学的研究(要旨,100KB PDF) NAKAMURA, Eizo Mar. 2005
MIYABE, Shunsuke MSci マリアナ弧海底熱水系のイオウ同位体地球化学(要旨,25KB PDF) CHIBA, Hitoshi Mar. 2005
WATANABE, Masaki MSci Development of high precision Li isotope analysis for olivine with High Resolution Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry, and its application to the Horoman Peridotite Complex: Implications for mantle metasomatism (abstract, 75KB PDF) NAKAMURA, Eizo Mar. 2005
YOKOSHI, Sho MSci 下部マントル条件下における(Mg0.93Fe0.07)SiOイルメナイト及びペロヴスカイトの電気伝導度測定 (要旨,15KB PDF) ITO, Eiji Mar. 2004