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Publication Lists

Publications - 1978

  • Kawasaki, T., Matsui, Y., Nonlinear least-squares technique in element partition equilibria, Geochem. J., 12, 173--181, 1978.

  • Matsubaya, O., Sakai, H., D-h and o-18-o-16 fractionation factors in evaporation of water at 60-degrees-c and 80-degrees-c, Geochem. J., 12, 121--126, 1978.

  • Sakai, H., Dickson, F.W., Experimental-determination of rate and equilibrium fractionation factors of sulfur isotope exchange between sulfate and sulfide in slightly acid-solutions at 300-degrees-c and 1000 bars, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 39, 151--161, 1978.

  • Sakai, H., Shinaki, R., Kishima, M., Tazaki, K., Oxygen isotope exchange and chemical-reactions in rhyolite- seawater system at 300-degrees-c and 1000 bars, Transactions-american geophysical union, 59, 1220--1221, 1978.

  • Sakai, H., Tsutsumi, M., D-h fractionation factors between serpentine and water at 100- degrees-c to 500-degrees-c and 2000 bar water-pressure, and d-h ratios of natural serpentines, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 40, 231--242, 1978.

Publications—past years