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Publication Lists

Publications - 1983

  • Arculus, R.J., Johnson, R.W., Chappell, B.W., Mckee, C.O., Sakai, H., Ophiolite-contaminated andesites, trachybasalts, and cognate inclusions of mount lamington, papua-new-guinea - anhydrite- amphibole-bearing lavas and the 1951 cumulodome, J. Volcanol. Geotherm. Res., 18, 215--247, 1983.

  • Honma, H., Oxygen isotope and some other geochemical evidence for the origin of 2 contrasting types of granitic-rocks of japan, Geological society of america memoirs, 159, 141--147, 1983.

  • Kagami, H., Shuto, K., Strontium isotopic compositions of late mesozoic and early tertiary acid rocks in japan, Geological society of america memoirs, 159, 135--140, 1983.

  • Kawasaki, T., Matsui, Y., Thermodynamic analyses of equilibria involving olivine, ortho- pyroxene and garnet, Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, 47, 1661--1679, 1983.

  • Matsubaya, O., Sakai, H., Ueda, A., Stable isotope study of the atosanupuri-kawayu geothermal system, eastern hokkaido, japan, Geothermics, 12, 241--245, 1983.

  • Sakai, H., Sulfur isotope exchange-rate between sulfate and sulfide and its application, Geothermics, 12, 111--117, 1983.

  • Takahashi, E., Kushiro, I., Melting of a dry peridotite at high-pressures and basalt magma genesis, Am. Miner., 68, 859--879, 1983.

  • Tsuchiyama, A., Takahashi, E., Melting kinetics of a plagioclase feldspar, Contrib. Mineral. Petrol., 84, 345--354, 1983.

  • Ueda, A., Sakai, H., Simultaneous determinations of the concentration and isotope ratio of sulfate-sulfur and sulfide-sulfur and carbonate-carbon in geological samples, Geochem. J., 17, 185--196, 1983.

  • Yamada, H., Matsui, Y., Ito, E., Crystal-chemical characterization of naalsio4 with the cafe2o4 structure, Mineral. Mag., 47, 177--181, 1983.

  • Yanagisawa, F., Sakai, H., Thermal-decomposition of barium-sulfate vanadium pentaoxide silica glass mixtures for preparation of sulfur-dioxide in sulfur isotope ratio measurements, Anal. Chem., 55, 985--987, 1983.

Publications—past years