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Publication Lists

Publications - 1988

  • Ashida, T., Kume, S., Ito, E., Navrotsky, A., Mgsio3 ilmenite - heat-capacity, thermal expansivity, and enthalpy of transformation, Phys. Chem. Miner., 16, 239--245, 1988.

  • Fujisawa, H., Ito, E., Development of the method of measurement of elastic wave velocities of a small mineral sample under very high-pressures, Chem. Geol., 70, 60--60, 1988.

  • Kagami, H., Honma, H., Shirahase, T., Nureki, T., Rb-sr whole rock isochron ages of granites from northern shikoku and okayama, southwest japan - implications for the migration of the late cretaceous to paleogene igneous activity in space and time, Geochem. J., 22, 69--79, 1988.

  • Kazahaya, K., Takahashi, M., Ohsumi, T., Soya, T., Ando, N., Hirabayashi, J., Kusakabe, M., Hamada, T., Chemical monitoring of volcanic gas from crater of Mt. Mihara, Izu-Oshima, Bull. Volcanol. Soc. Jpn., 33, 13--19, 1988 (in Japanese).

  • Kusakabe, M., Carbon dioxide in the Earth - Implications for the Lake Nyos CO2 disaster -, Kagaku-to-Kogyo (Chemistry and Industry), 41, 906--908, 1988 (in japanese).

  • Manghnani, M.H., Ming, L.C., Kim, Y.H., Devi, S.U., Ito, E., Thermal expansivity of stishovite and gamma-(mg, fe)2sio4- spinels to 900-degrees-c using synchrotron radiation, Chem. Geol., 70, 63--63, 1988.

  • Miura, Y., Rucklidge, J., Beukens, R., Nagao, K., Cosmic-ray exposure and terrestrial ages of antarctic meteorites, Meteoritics, 23, 290--290, 1988.

  • Miyoshi, T., Nakamura, T., Kusakabe, M., Sulfur isotope study of vein deposits in the Kinki district, Inner Zone of Southwest Japan, Mining Geology, 38, 323--333, 1988 (in Japanese).

  • Mizota, C., Kusakabe, M., Noto, M., Eolian contribution to soil development on cretaceous limestones in greece as evidenced by oxygen isotope composition of quartz, Geochem. J., 22, 41--46, 1988.

  • Mizota, C., Kusakabe, M., Noto, M., Oxygen isotope compositions of fine-grained quartz from soils and sediments in southern shizuoka, central japan, Geochem. J., 22, 33--40, 1988.

  • Ohtaka, O., Kume, S., Ito, E., Synthesis and phase-stability of cotunnite-type zirconia, J. Am. Ceram. Soc., 71, C448--C449, 1988.

  • Park, K.T., Terakura, K., Matsui, Y., Theoretical evidence for a new ultra-high-pressure phase of sio2, Nature, 336, 670--672, 1988.

  • Tsuneyuki, S., Tsukada, M., Aoki, H., Matsui, Y., 1st-principles interatomic potential of silica applied to molecular-dynamics, Phys. Rev. Lett., 61, 869--872, 1988.

  • Umesaki, N., Iwamoto, N., Takahashi, M., Tatsumisago, M., Minami, T., Matsui, Y., Molecular-dynamics study of li2o-sio2 melts and glasses, Transactions of the iron and steel institute of japan, 28, 852--859, 1988.

Publications—past years