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Publication Lists

Publications - 1995

  • Iizuka, Y., Nakamura, E., Experimental-study of the slab-mantle interaction and implications for the formation of titanoclinohumite at deep subduction zone, Proc. Jpn. Acad. Ser. B-Phys. Biol. Sci., 71, 159--164, 1995.

  • Ito, E., Morooka, K., Ujike, O., Katsura, T., Reactions between molten iron and silicate melts at high- pressure - implications for the chemical evolution of earths core, J. Geophys. Res.-Solid Earth, 100, 5901--5910, 1995.

  • Kagami, H., Owada, M., Osanai, Y., Shiraishi, K., Hiroi, Y., Rb-sr and sm-nd ages from the highland complex of sri-lanka, Proc. Jpn. Acad. Ser. B-Phys. Biol. Sci., 71, 139--144, 1995.

  • Kagami, H., Yuhara, M., Tainosho, Y., Iizumi, S., Owada, M., Hayama, Y., Sm-nd isochron ages of mafic igneous rocks from the ryoke belt, southwest japan - remains of jurassic igneous activity in a late cretaceous granitic terrane, Geochem. J., 29, 123--135, 1995.

  • Katsura, T., Thermal Conductivity and diffusivity of minerals -1. Mechanism of heat transfer-, J. Mineral. Soc. Jpn., 24, 169--178, 1995 (in Japanese).

  • Katsura, T., Thermal diffusivity of olivine under upper mantle conditions, Geophys. J. Int., 122, 63--69, 1995.

  • Lee, J.I., Kagami, H., Nagao, K., Rb-Sr and K-Ar age determinations of the granitic rocks in thesouthern part of the Kyeongsang basin, Korea: Implication forcooling history and evolution of granitic magmatism during lateCretaceous, Geochem. J., 29, 363--376, 1995.

  • Maboko, M.A.H., Nakamura, E., Sm-nd garnet ages from the uluguru granulite complex of eastern tanzania - further evidence for post-metamorphic slow cooling in the mozambique belt, Precambrian Res., 74, 195--202, 1995.

  • Makishima, A., A review of isotope geochemical studies for Iceland. I. Isotope-geochemical characterization of Icelandic hot spot, J. Mineral. Petrol. Econ. Geol., 90, 379--387, 1995 (in Japanese).

  • Makishima, A., A review of isotope geochemical studies for Iceland. II. Origin of felsic rocks in Iceland, J. Mineral. Petrol. Econ. Geol., 90, 413--418, 1995 (in Japanese).

  • Miura, Y.N., Nagao, K., Sugiura, N., Sagawa, H., Matsubara, K., Orthopyroxenite alh84001 and shergottite alh77005 - additional evidence for a martian origin from noble-gases, Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, 59, 2105--2113, 1995.

  • Miura, Y.N., Sugiura, N., Nagao, K., Noble-gases in the lewis-cliff-88663 l7, Meteoritics, 30, 552--553, 1995.

  • Nakashima, T., Nagao, K., Nakamura, N., Fujiwara, T., Misawa, K., Kagami, H., Yanai, K., Kojima, H., Age-determination and chemical and petrological features of shock-melted antarctic h-chondrite yamato-790746 - preliminary- results, Meteoritics, 30, 555--556, 1995.

  • Ogoh, K., Yamanaka, C., Ikeya, M., Ito, E., Hyperfine interaction of electron at oxygen vacancy with nearest and next-nearest si-29 in high-pressure-phase sio2 - stishovite, J. Phys. Soc. Jpn., 64, 4109--4112, 1995.

  • Ogoh, K., Yamanaka, C., Ikeya, M., Ito, E., Oxygen hole centers in coesite, a high pressure phase of SiO2, Appl. Magn. Reson., 9, 533--538, 1995.

  • Okada, A., Komura, K., Nagao, K., Nishiizumi, K., Miyamoto, Y., Sakamoto, K., Ebihara, M., Shima, M., The chondrite neagari - petrography, mineralogy, chemical- compositions, and cosmogenic nuclides, Meteoritics, 30, 559--559, 1995.

  • Sato, H., Laboratory seismic studies: A search for mechanical, thermaland chemical structures of the earth, J. Phys. Earth, 43, 421--455, 1995.

  • Shimazaki, H., Kusakabe, M., Oxygen isotopic alteration of Nohi rhyolites, Resource Geology, 45, 85--98, 1995 (in Japanese).

  • Tsuneyuki, S., Matsui, Y., Molecular-dynamics study of pressure enhancement of ion mobilities in liquid silica, Phys. Rev. Lett., 74, 3197--3200, 1995.

  • Utsumi, W., Funamori, N., Yagi, T., Ito, E., Kikegawa, T., Shimomura, O., Thermal expansivity of mgsio3 perovskite under high-pressures up to 20 gpa, Geophys. Res. Lett., 22, 1005--1008, 1995.

  • Yamada, H., Nakazawa, H., Ito, E., Cooling rate dependency of the formation of smectite crystalsfrom a high-pressure and high-temperature hydrous melt, Clay Clay Min., 43, 693--696, 1995.

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