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Publication Lists

Publications - 1996

  • Hassan, I., Kudoh, Y., Buseck, P.R., Ito, E., MgSiO3 perovskite: A HRTEM study, Mineral. Mag., 60, 799--804, 1996.

  • Honma, H., High ammonium contents in the 3800 Ma Isua supracrustal rocks,central West Greenland, Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, 60, 2173--2178, 1996.

  • Katsura, T., Ito, E., Determination of Fe-Mg partitioning between perovskite andmagnesiowustite, Geophys. Res. Lett., 23, 2005--2008, 1996.

  • Kawasaki, S., Kume, S., Ito, E., Crystallization of pressure-amorphized GeO2, J. Mater. Sci. Lett., 15, 261--262, 1996.

  • Kitaoka, K., Ohsawa, S., Yusa, Y., Kusakabe, M., Changes in chemical and isotopic compositions of deep geothermal waters through subsurface boiling at Kuju-Iwoyama Volcano, central Kyusyu, Japan, J. Balneol. Soc. Jpn., 46, 156--175, 1996 (in Japanese).

  • Kusakabe, M., Build-up of magmatic CO2 at Lake Nyos, Cameroon, Gekkan Chikyu (Chikyu Monthly), No.16, 126--130, 1996 (in Japanese).

  • Kusakabe, M., D/H variations during magma degassing - a case study for the Unzen 1991 and Mt. Fuji 1707 eruptions -, Mem. Geol. Soc. Jpn., No.46, 105--113, 1996 (in Japanese).

  • Kudo, R., Ito, E., Melting relations in the system Mg4Si4O12(En)-Mg3Al2Si3O12 (Py)at high pressures, Phys. Earth Planet. Inter., 96, 159--169, 1996.

  • Maboko, M.A.H., Nakamura, E., Nd and Sr isotopic mapping of the Archaean-Proterozoic boundaryin southeastern Tanzania using granites as probes for crustalgrowth, Precambrian Res., 77, 105--115, 1996.

  • Maeda, J., Kagami, H., Interaction of a spreading ridge and an accretionary prism:Implications from MORB magmatism in the Hidaka magmatic zone,Hokkaido, Japan, Geology, 24, 31--34, 1996.

  • Matsuda, J., Nagao, K., Kurat, G., Noble gases in metal and schreibersite of the Acuna (IIIAB)iron meteorite, Meteorit. Planet. Sci., 31, 227--233, 1996.

  • Ogoh, K., Takaki, S., Yamanaka, C., Ikeya, M., Ito, E., Thermoluminescence and electron spin resonance of atomichydrogens in coesite and stishovite, high pressure phases of sio2, J. Phys. Soc. Jpn., 65, 844--847, 1996.

  • Ogoh, K., Yamanaka, C., Ikeya, M., Ito, E., Two-center model for radiation induced aluminum hole center instishovite, J. Phys. Chem. Solids, 57, 85--88, 1996.

  • Ree, J.H., Cho, M.S., Kwon, S.T., Nakamura, E., Possible eastward extension of Chinese collision belt in SouthKorea: The Imjingang belt, Geology, 24, 1071--1074, 1996.

  • Shibue, Y., Kusakabe, M., Hydrogen isotopic ratios of the ore-forming fluids responsible for the Kaneuchi and Ohtani tungsten deposits, Kyoto Prefecture: Involvement of magmatic fluid and organic water in the ore-forming fluids, Resour. Geol., 46, 255--266, 1996 (in Japanese).

  • Takaoka, N., Motomura, Y., Nagao, K., Half-life of Te-130 double-beta decay measured withgeologically qualified samples, Phys. Rev. C-Nucl. Phys., 53, 1557--1561, 1996.

  • Tamura, Y., Nakamura, E., The arc lavas of the shirahama group, Japan: Sr and Nd isotopicdata indicate mantle-derived bimodal magmatism, J. Petrol., 37, 1307--1319, 1996.

  • Tedesco, D., Nagao, K., Radiogenic He-4, Ne-21 and Ar-40 in fumarolic gases on Vulcano:Implication for the presence of continental crust beneath theisland, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 144, 517--528, 1996.

  • Walter, M., Early earth - At the magma ocean floor, Nature, 381, 646--647, 1996.

  • Yamamoto, H., Nakamura, E., Sm-Nd dating of garnet granulites from the Kohistan complex,northern Pakistan, J. Geol. Soc., 153, 965--969, 1996.

  • Yamashita, S., Tatsumi, Y., Nohda, S., Temporal variation in primary magma compositions in the northeast Japan Arc, Isl. Arc, 5, 276--288, 1996.

  • Yoshida, M., Bindu, R.S., Kagami, H., Rajesham, T., Santosh, M., Shirahata, H., Geochronologic constraints of granulite terranes of south Indiaand their implications for the Precambrian assembly of Gondwana, J. Southeast Asian Earth Sci., 14, 137--147, 1996.

  • Zhai, M.Z., Nakamura, E., Shaw, D.M., Nakano, T., Boron isotope ratios in meteorites and lunar rocks, Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, 60, 4877--4881, 1996.

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