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Publication Lists

Publications - 1997

  • Han, B.F., Wang, S.G., Jahn, B.M., Hong, D.W., Kagami, H., Sun, Y.L., Depleted-mantle source for the Ulungur River A-type granites from North Xinjiang, China: Geochemistry and Nd-Sr isotopic evidence, and implications for Phanerozoic crustal growth, Chem. Geol., 138, 135--159, 1997.

  • Ingri, J., Torssander, P., Andersson, P.S., Mörth, C.M., Kusakabe, M., Hydrogeochemistry of sulfur isotopes in the Kalix River catchment, northern Sweden, Appl. Geochem., 12, 483--496, 1997.

  • Jabeen, I., Kusakabe, M., Determination of delta O-17 values of reference water samples VSMOW and SLAP, Chem. Geol., 143, 115--119, 1997.

  • Kanzaki, M., Ab initio 27Al NMR chemical shift calculation for the clusters of Al(OH)4-, Al(OH)52- and Al(OH)63-, J. Ceram. Soc. Jpn., 105, 91--92, 1997.

  • Kanzaki, M., Matsui, Y., Matsui, M., A new high-pressure silica phase obtained by molecular dynamics- Discussion, Am. Miner., 82, 1042--1042, 1997.

  • Katsura, T., Thermal diffusivity of periclase at high temperatures and high pressures, Phys. Earth Planet. Inter., 101, 73--77, 1997.

  • Kawahata, H., Kusakabe, M., Scott, S.D., Sulfate in plagiogranites from the Troodos ophiolite, Cyprus, Geochem. J., 31, 119--124, 1997.

  • Kobayashi, K., Nakamura, E., Shibata, T., Makishima, A., Sr, Nd and Pb isotope systematics of Akagi volcano, Northeast Japan - Implications for interaction between island arc magma and lower crust, Proc. Jpn. Acad. Ser. B-Phys. Biol. Sci., 73, 69--73, 1997.

  • Kudoh, Y., Nagase, T., Sasaki, S., Tanaka, M., Kanzaki, M., Phase F, a new hydrous magnesium silicate synthesized at 1000 ˚C and 17 GPa: Crystal structure and estimated bulkmodulus (Retraction of vol 22, pg 295, 1995), Phys. Chem. Miner., 24, 601--601, 1997.

  • Kusakabe, M., International Cooperation towards Mitigation of Lake Nyos-type Disasters, Bull. Volcanol. Soc. Jpn., 42, 99--103, 1997 (in Japanese).

  • Kusakabe, M., Magmatic hydrothermal systems in view of sulfur and oxygen isotopic variations of sulfate dissolved in active crater lakes, Gekkan Chikyu (Chikyu Monthly), No.18, 82--86, 1997 (in Japanese).

  • Makishima, A., Nakamura, E., Suppression of matrix effects in ICP-MS by high power operation of ICP: Application to precise determination of Rb, Sr, Y, Cs,Ba, REE, Pb, Th and U at ng g(-1) levels in milligram silicate samples, Geostand. Newsl., 21, 307--319, 1997.

  • Makishima, A., Nakamura, E., Nakano, T., Determination of boron in silicate samples by direct aspiration of sample HF solutions into ICPMS, Anal. Chem., 69, 3754--3759, 1997.

  • Matsuoka, K., Nakamura, T., Takaoka, N., Nagao, K., Nakamuta, Y., Systematic correlation between noble gas abundance and mineral decomposition in thermally metamorphosed CM chondrites., Meteorit. Planet. Sci., 32, A85--A86, 1997.

  • Morris, P.A., Itaya, T., Iizumi, S., Kagami, H., Watling, R.J., Murakami, H., Age relations and petrology of alkalic igneous rocks from Oki Dozen, Southwest Japan, Geochem. J., 31, 135--154, 1997.

  • Nagao, K., Nakamura, T., Miura, Y.N., Okazaki, R., Takaoka, N., Noble gas studies of Martian lherzolitic meteorite Yamato 793605., Meteorit. Planet. Sci., 32, A95--A96, 1997.

  • Nakamura, E., Kushiro, I., Diffusivities of rare earth elements and Ba in magmatic silicate melts at high pressures, Proc. Jpn. Acad. Ser. B-Phys. Biol. Sci., 73, 44--47, 1997.

  • Nakamura, T., Zolensky, M.E., Horz, F., Takaoka, N., Nagao, K., Noble gas loss from phase Q by impacts: An experimental investigation., Meteorit. Planet. Sci., 32, A96--A96, 1997.

  • Noto, M., Kusakabe, M., Oxygen isotope geochemistry of geothermal wairakite, Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, 61, 2095--2104, 1997.

  • Noto, M., Kusakabe, M., An experimental study of oxygen isotope fractionation between wairakite and water, Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, 61, 2083--2093, 1997.

  • Ohizumi, T., Fukuzaki, N., Kusakabe, M., Sulfur isotopic view on the sources of sulfur in atmospheric fallout along the coast of the Sea of Japan, Atmos. Environ., 31, 1339--1348, 1997.

  • Okamura, S., Wu, G.Y., Zhao, C.H., Kagami, H., Yoshida, T., Kawano, Y., Geochemistry of Mesozoic intracontinental basalts from Yunnan, southern China: implications for geochemical evolution of the subcontinental lithosphere, Mineral. Petrol., 60, 81--98, 1997.

  • Okazaki, R., Takaoka, N., Nakamura, T., Nagao, K., Studies of noble gases in E chondrites by in vacuo crushing and stepwise heating experiments., Meteorit. Planet. Sci., 32, A102--A102, 1997.

  • Sato, K., Katsura, T., Ito, E., Phase relations of natural phlogopite with and without enstatite up to 8 GPa: Implication for mantle metasomatism, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 146, 511--526, 1997.

  • Shibata, T., Nakamura, E., Across-arc variations of isotope and trace element compositions from Quaternary basaltic volcanic rocks in northeastern Japan: Implications for Interaction between subducted oceanic slab and mantle wedge, J. Geophys. Res.-Solid Earth, 102, 8051--8064, 1997.

  • Tanaka, H., Kawamura, K., Nagao, K., Houghton, B.F., K-Ar ages and paleosecular variation of direction and intensity from quaternary lava sequences in the Ruapehu Volcano, NewZealand, J. Geomagn. Geoelectr., 49, 587--599, 1997.

  • Walter, M.J., Planetary formation - One step to Earth, Nature, 387, 453--453, 1997.

  • Watanabe, M., Osaki, T., Hoshino, K., Kusakabe, M., Sulfur isotope fractionation between coexisting pyrite and chalcopyrite from variously metamorphosed Besshi-type deposits,Japan, Neues Jahrb. Mineral.-Mon.hefte, , 61--83, 1997.

  • Yamashita, S., Kitamura, T., Kusakabe, M., Infrared spectroscopy of hydrous glasses of arc magma compositions, Geochem. J., 31, 169--174, 1997.

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