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Publication Lists

Publications - 1998

  • Akaogi, M., Suzuki, T., Kojima, R., Honda, T., Ito, E., Nakai, I., Enthalpy and density measurements of pressure-amorphized GeO2quartz, Geophys. Res. Lett., 25, 3635--3638, 1998.

  • Boss, A.P., Foster, P.N., Injection of short-lived isotopes into the presolar cloud, Astrophys. J., 494, L103--L106, 1998.

  • Delmelle, P., Kusakabe, M., Bernard, A., Fischer, T., de B.r.o.u.w.e.r.,., del M.u.n.d.o.,., Geochemical and isotopic evidence for seawater contamination ofthe hydrothermal system of Taal Volcano, Luzon, the Philippines, Bull. Volcanol., 59, 562--576, 1998.

  • Embley, R.W., Lupton, J.E., Massoth, G., Urabe, T., Tunnicliffe, V., Butterfield, D.A., Shibata, T., Okano, O., Kinoshita, M., Fujioka, K., Geological, chemical, and biological evidence for recentvolcanism at 17.5 degrees S: East Pacific Rise, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 163, 131--147, 1998.

  • Herzig, C.T., Kimbrough, D.L., Tainosho, Y., Kagami, H., Iizumi, S., Hayasaka, Y., Late Cretaceous U/Pb zircon ages and Precambrian crustalinheritance in Ryoke granitoids, Kinki and Yanai districts,Japan, Geochem. J., 32, 21--31, 1998.

  • Hirose, K., Kushiro, I., The effect of melt segregation on polybaric mantle melting:Estimation from the incremental melting experiments, Phys. Earth Planet. Inter., 107, 111--118, 1998.

  • Ikeda, Y., Nagao, K., Stern, R.J., Yuasa, M., Newman, S., Noble gases in pillow basalt glasses from the northern MarianaTrough back-arc basin, Isl. Arc., 7, 471--478, 1998.

  • Irifune, T., Nishiyama, N., Kuroda, K., Inoue, T., Isshiki, M., Utsumi, W., Funakoshi, K., Urakawa, S., Uchida, T., Katsura, T., Ohtaka, O., The postspinel phase boundary in Mg2SiO4 determined by in situx-ray diffraction, Science, 279, 1698--1700, 1998.

  • Ito, E., Katsura, T., Suzuki, T., Metal/Silicate partitioning of Mn, Co and Ni at high pressure and high temperature, in: M. H. Manghnani and T. Yagi (eds.), Properties of Earth and Planetary Materials at High Pressure and Temperature, Geophysical Monograph 101, 435-440, American Geophysical Union, 1998.

  • Ito, E., Kubo, A., Katsura, T., Akaogi, M., Fujita, T., High-pressure transformation of pyrope (Mg3Al2Si3O12) in asintered diamond cubic anvil assembly, Geophys. Res. Lett., 25, 821--824, 1998.

  • Jabeen, I., Kusakabe, M., Nagao, K., Nakamura, T., Tsukuba meteorite: H chondrite, or a new parent body?, Meteorit. Planet. Sci., 33, A77--A77, 1998.

  • Jabeen, I., Kusakabe, M., Nakamura, T., Nagao, K., Oxygen-isotopic signatures in Allende chondrules., Meteorit. Planet. Sci., 33, A76--A77, 1998.

  • Kanzaki, M., Xue, X.Y., Stebbins, J.F., Phase relations in Na2O-SiO2 and K2Si4O9 systems up to 14 GPaand Si-29 NMR study of the new high-pressure phases:implications to the structure of high-pressure silicate glasses, Phys. Earth Planet. Inter., 107, 9--21, 1998.

  • Katsura, T., Sato, K., Ito, E., Electrical conductivity of silicate perovskite at lower-mantleconditions, Nature, 395, 493--495, 1998.

  • Katsura, T., Sato, K., Ito, E., Electrical conductivity measurement of minerals at high pressures and high temperatures, Rev. High Pressure Sci. Technol., 7, 18-21, 1998.

  • Katsura, T., Ueda, A., Ito, E., Morooka, K., Postspinel transition in Fe2SiO4, in: M. H. Manghnani and T. Yagi (eds.), Properties of Earth and Planetary Materials at High Pressure and Temperature, Geophysical Monograph 101, 435-440, American Geophysical Union, 1998.

  • Kubo, A., Ito, E., Katsura, T., and Akaogi, M., Post-garnet transition in the system MgSiO3-Al2O3, Rev. High Pressure Sci. Technol., 7, 122-124, 1998.

  • Kudoh, Y., Kanzaki, M., Crystal chemical characteristics of alpha-CaSi2O5, a new highpressure calcium silicate with five-coordinated siliconsynthesized at 1500 degrees C and 10 GPa, Phys. Chem. Miner., 25, 429--433, 1998.

  • Kuritani, T., Boundary layer crystallization in a basaltic magma chamber: evidence from Rishiri Volcano, northern Japan, J. Petrol., 39, 1619--1640, 1998.

  • Kushiro, I., Compositions of partial melts formed in mantle peridotites athigh pressures and their relation to those of primitive MORB, Phys. Earth Planet. Inter., 107, 103--110, 1998.

  • Kushiro, I., Walter, M.J., Mg-Fe partitioning between olivine and mafic-ultramafic melts, Geophys. Res. Lett., 25, 2337--2340, 1998.

  • Lee, J.I., Kusakabe, M., Hydrogen and oxygen isotopic compositions of the granitic rocksin the southern part of the Kyeongsang Basin, Korea, Geochem. J., 32, 253--265, 1998.

  • Miura, Y.N., Nagao, K., Sugiura, N., Fujitani, T., Warren, P.H., Noble gases, Kr-81-Kr exposure ages and Pu-244-Xe ages of sixeucrites, Bereba, Binda, Camel Donga, Juvinas, Millbillillie,and Stannern, Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, 62, 2369--2387, 1998.

  • Moriguti, T., Nakamura, E., Across-arc variation of Li isotopes in lavas and implicationsfor crust/mantle recycling at subduction zones, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 163, 167--174, 1998.

  • Moriguti, T., Nakamura, E., High-yield lithium separation and the precise isotopic analysisfor natural rock and aqueous samples, Chem. Geol., 145, 91--104, 1998.

  • Nagahara, H., Ozawa, K., Chemical and isotopic fractionation during evaporation of amulticomponent system., Meteorit. Planet. Sci., 33, A113--A114, 1998.

  • Nakamura, E., Kushiro, I., Trace element diffusion in jadeite and diopside melts at highpressures and its geochemical implication, Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, 62, 3151--3160, 1998.

  • Nakano, T., Nakamura, E., Static multicollection of Cs2BO2+ ions for precise boronisotope analysis with positive thermal ionization massspectrometry, Int. J. Mass Spectrom., 176, 13--21, 1998.

  • Okamura, S., Martynov, Y.A., Furuyama, K., Nagao, K., K-Ar ages of the basaltic rocks from Far East Russia:Constraints on the tectono-magmatism associated with the JapanSea opening, Isl. Arc., 7, 271--282, 1998.

  • Ono, S., Stability limits of hydrous minerals in sediment and mid-oceanridge basalt compositions: Implications for water transport insubduction zones, J. Geophys. Res.-Solid Earth, 103, 18253--18267, 1998.

  • Orihashi, Y., Al-jailani, A., Nagao, K., Dispersion of the Afar plume: Implications from thespatiotemporal distribution of the late Miocene to recentvolcanics, southwestern Arabian Peninsula, Gondwana Res., 1, 221--234, 1998.

  • Shinogeikin, S. V., Katsura, T., Bass, J. D., Sound velocities and Elastic Properties of Fe-bearing wadsleyite and ringwoodite, J. Geophys. Res., 103, 20819-20826, 1998.

  • Suzuki, T., Akaogi, M., Katsura, T., Ito, E., Element partitioning between high pressure minerals and the coexisting silicate melt, Rev. High Pressure Sci. Technol., 7, 98-100, 1998.

  • Tedesco, D., Nagao, K., Scarsi, P., Noble gas isotopic ratios from historical lavas and fumarolesat Mount Vesuvius (southern Italy): constraints for current andfuture volcanic activity, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 164, 61--78, 1998.

  • Tomioka, N., Fujino, K., Ito, E., Katsura, T., Cubic-tetragonal transition of (Mg, Fe)SiO3 majorite, Rev. High Pressure Sci. Technol., 7, 116-118, 1998.

  • Walter, M.J., Melting of garnet peridotite and the origin of komatiite anddepleted lithosphere, J. Petrol., 39, 29--60, 1998.

  • Watanabe, M., Hoshino, K., Kagami, H., Nishido, H., Sugiyama, M., Rh-Sr, Sm-Nd and K-Ar systematics of metamorphosed pillowedbasalts and associated Besshi-type deposits in the SanbagawaBelt, Japan, Miner. Depos., 34, 113--120, 1998.

  • Xu, S., Nagao, K., Uto, K., Wakita, H., Nakai, S., Liu, C.Q., He, Sr and Nd isotopes of mantle-derived xenoliths in volcanicrocks of NE China, J. Asian Earth Sci., 16, 547--556, 1998.

  • Xue, X., Kanzaki, M., Correlations between Si-29, O-17, and H-1 NMR properties andlocal structures in silicates: an ab initio calculation, Phys. Chem. Miner., 26, 14--30, 1998.

  • Zeck, H.P., Kristensen, A.B., Williams, I.S., Post-collisional volcanism in a sinking slab setting - crustalanatectic origin of pyroxene-andesite magma, Caldear VolcanicGroup, Neogene Alboran volcanic province, southeastern Spain, Lithos, 45, 499--522, 1998.

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