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Publication Lists

Publications - 1999

  • Akaogi, M., Ito, E., Calorimetric study on majorite-perovskite transition in the system Mg4Si4O12-Mg3Al2Si3O12: transition boundaries with positive pressure-temperature slopes, Phys. Earth Planet. Inter., 114, 129--140, 1999.

  • Carlsson, E., Torssander, P., Morth, C.M., Kusakabe, M., Historical atmospheric deposition in a Swedish mining area traced by S isotope ratios in soils, Water Air Soil Pollut., 110, 103--118, 1999.

  • Hamamoto, T., Osanai, Y., Kagami, H., Sm-Nd, Rb-Sr and K-Ar geochronology of the Higo metamorphic terrane, west-central Kyushu, Japan, Isl. Arc., 8, 323--334, 1999.

  • Han, B.F., Wang, S.G., Kagami, H., Trace element and Nd-Sr isotope constraints on origin of the Chifeng flood basalts, North China, Chem. Geol., 155, 187--199, 1999.

  • Hanyu, T., Kaneoka, I., Nagao, K., Noble gas study of HIMU and EM ocean island basalts in the Polynesian region, Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, 63, 1181--1201, 1999.

  • Kuritani, T., Phenocryst crystallization during ascent of alkali basalt magma at Rishiri Volcano, northern Japan, J. Volcanol. Geotherm.Res., 88, 77--97, 1999

  • Kuritani, T.,. Thermal and compositional evolution of a cooling magma chamber by boundary layer fractionation: model and its application for primary magma estimation, Geophys. Res. Lett., 26, 2029--2032, 1999.

  • Kuritani, T., Boundary layer fractionation constrained by differential information from the Kutsugata lava flow, Rishiri Volcano, Japan, J. Geophys. Res., 104, 29401--29417, 1999.

  • Kusakabe, M., Sato, H., Nakada, S., Kitamura, T., Water contents and hydrogen isotopic ratios of rocks and minerals from the 1991 eruption of Unzen volcano, Japan, J. Volcanol. Geotherm. Res., 89, 231--242, 1999.

  • Lee, J.I., Jwa, Y.J., Park, C.H., Lee, M.J., Moutte, J., Kagami, H., Sr and Nd isotopic compositions of late Paleozoic Youngju and Andong granites in the northeastern Yeongnam Massif, Korea, Geochem. J., 33, 153--165, 1999.

  • Li, H.P., Xie, H.S., Guo, J., Zhang, Y.M., Xu, Z.M., Liu, C.Q., In situ control of oxygen fugacity at high temperature and high pressure, J. Geophys. Res.-Solid Earth, 104, 29439--29451, 1999.

  • Makishima, A., Nakamura, E., Determination of molybdenum, antimony and tungsten at sub mu gg(-1) levels in geological materials by ID-FI-ICP-MS, Geostand. Newsl., 23, 137--148, 1999.

  • Makishima, A., Nakamura, E., Nakano, T., Determination of zirconium, niobium, hafnium and tantalum at ngg(-1) levels in geological materials by direct nebulisation of sample HF solution into FI-ICP-MS, Geostand. Newsl., 23, 7--20, 1999.

  • Morth, C.M., Torssander, P., Kusakabe, M., Hultberg, H., Sulfur isotope values in a forested catchment over four years:Evidence for oxidation and reduction processes, Biogeochemistry, 44, 51--71, 1999.

  • Nagahara, H., Ozawa, K., Mechanism of forsterite evaporation as inferred from surface microstructures, Proc. Jpn. Acad. Ser. B-Phys. Biol. Sci., 75, 29--34, 1999.

  • Nakamura, T., Nagao, K., Metzler, K., Takaoka, N., Heterogeneous distribution of solar and cosmogenic noble gasesin CM chondrites and implications for the formation of CM parent bodies, Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, 63, 255--271, 1999.

  • Nakamura, T., Nagao, K., Takaoka, N., Microdistribution of primordial noble gases in CM chondrites determined by in situ laser microprobe analysis: Decipherment of nebular processes, Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, 63, 239--253, 1999.

  • Nakatsuka, A., Yoshiasa, A., Yamanaka, T., Ito, E., Structure refinement of a birefringent Cr-bearing majorite Mg3(Mg0.34Si0.34Al0.18Cr0.14)2Si3O12, Am. Miner., 84, 199--202, 1999.

  • Nakatsuka, A., Yoshiasa, A., Yamanaka, T., Ohtaka, O., Katsura, T., Ito, E., Symmetry change of majorite solid-solution in the system Mg3Al2Si3O12-MgSiO3, Am. Miner., 84, 1135--1143, 1999.

  • Ogo, Y., Yamashita, S., Preparation of thin glass wafer for infrared spectroscopy, Bull. Volcanol. Soc. Jpn., 44, 251--254, 1999 (in Japanese).

  • Ono, S., High temperature stability limit of phase egg, AlSiO3(OH), Contrib. Mineral. Petrol., 137, 83--89, 1999.

  • Sha, L.K., Chappell, B.W., Apatite chemical composition, determined by electron microprobeand laser-ablation inductively coupled plasma massspectrometry, as a probe into granite petrogenesis, Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, 63, 3861--3881, 1999.

  • Shikazono, N., Kusakabe, M., Mineralogical characteristics and formation mechanism of sulfate-sulfide chimneys from Kuroko area, Mariana Trough and mid-ocean ridges, Resour. Geol., Special Issue, 1--12, 1999 (in Japanese).

  • Shinmei, T., Tomioka, N., Fujino, K., Kuroda, K., Irifune, T., In situ X-ray diffraction study of enstatite up to 12 GPa and 1473 K and equations of state, Am. Miner., 84, 1588--1594, 1999.

  • Udagawa, S., Kitagawa, H., Gudmundsson, A., Hiroi, O., Koyaguchi, T., Tanaka, H., Kristjansson, L., Kono, M., Age and magnetism of lavas in Jokuldalur area, Eastern Iceland: Gilsa event revisited, Phys. Earth Planet. Inter., 115, 147--171, 1999.

  • Walter, M.J., Earth science - Screws tighten on the core, Nature, 398, 563--+, 1999.

  • Walter, M.J., Comments on 'mantle melting and melt extraction processes beneath ocean ridges: Evidence from abyssal peridotites' by Yaoling Niu, J. Petrol., 40, 1187--1193, 1999.

  • Xue, X.Y., Kanzaki, M., NMR characteristics of possible oxygen sites in aluminosilicate glasses and melts: An ab initio study, J. Phys. Chem. B, 103, 10816--10830, 1999.

  • Yamashita, S., Experimental study of the effect of temperature on water solubility in natural rhyolite melt to 100 MPa, J. Petrol., 40, 1497--1507, 1999.

  • Yokoyama, T., Makishima, A., Nakamura, E., Separation of thorium and uranium from silicate rock samples using two commercial extraction chromatographic resins, Anal. Chem., 71, 135--141, 1999.

  • Yokoyama, T., Makishima, A., Nakamura, E., Evaluation of the coprecipitation of incompatible trace elements with fluoride during silicate rock dissolution by acid digestion, Chem. Geol., 157, 175--187, 1999.

  • Yokoyama, T., Nakai, S., Wakita, H., Helium and carbon isotopic compositions of hot spring gases in the Tibetan Plateau, J. Volcanol. Geotherm. Res., 88, 99--107, 1999.

  • Yoneda, A., Recent studies on ultrasonic measurements under high pressure and a new analytical methodrogy for ultrasonic velocity data at simultaneous high pressure and high temperature, Rev. High Pressure Sci. Technol., 9, 51--58, 1999 (in Japanese).

  • Zeck, H.P., Kristensen, A.B., Nakamura, E., Inherited Palaeozoic and Mesozoic Rb-Sr isotopic signatures in Neogene calc-alkaline volcanics, Alboran volcanic province, SE Spain, J. Petrol., 40, 511--524, 1999.

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