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Misasa - Publications List 2009

Publications 2009

  • Brazhkin, V.V., Kanzaki, M., Funakoshi, K., Katayama, Y., Viscosity behavior spanning four orders of magnitude in As-S melts under high pressure, Phys. Rev. Lett., 102, 115901, 2009. external linkAbstract (APS)
  • Cheng, H., King, R. L., Nakamura, E., Vervoort, J. D., Zheng, Y.-F., Ota, T., Wu, Y.-B., Kobayashi, K., Zhou, Z.-Y., Transitional time of oceanic to continental subduction in the Dabie orogen: Constraints from U-Pb, Lu-Hf, Sm-Nd and Ar-Ar multichronometric dating, Lithos, 110, 327-342, 2009. external linkAbstract (Science Direct)
  • Cheng, H., Nakamura E., Zhou, Z., Garnet Lu–Hf dating of retrograde fluid activity during ultrahigh-pressure metamorphic eclogites exhumation, Miner. Petrol., 95, 315-326, 2009. external linkAbstract (SpringerLink)
  • Fukui, H., Kanzaki, M., Hiraoka, N. and Cai, Y.Q., X-ray Raman scattering for structural investigation of silica/silicate minerals, Phys. Chem. Minerals, 36, 171-181, 2009.external linkAbstract (Springer)
  • Guo, F., Nakamura, E., Fan, W., Kobayashi, K., Li, C., Gao, X., Mineralogical and geochemical constraints on magmatic evolution of Paleocene adakitic andesites from the Yanji area, NE China., Lithos, 112, 321-341, 2009. external linkAbstract (Science Direct)
  • Ito, E., Katsura, T., Yamazaki, D., Yoneda, A., Tado, M., Ochi, T., Nishibara, E., Nakamura, A., A new 6-axis apparatus to squeeze the Kawai-cell of sintered diamond cubes, Phys. Earth Planet. Inter., 2009. external linkAbstract (Science Direct)
  • Ito, E., Fukui, H., Katsura, T., Yamazaki, D., Yoshino, T., Aizawa, Y., Kubo, A., Yokoshi, S., Kawabe, K., Zhai, S., Shatzkiy, A., Okube, M., Nozawa, A., Funakoshi, K., Determination of high-pressure phase equilibria of Fe2O3 using the Kawai-type apparatus equipped with sintered diamond anvils, Am. Min., 94, 205-209, 2009. external linkAbstract (GeoScienceWorld)
  • Katsura, T., Yokoshi, S., Kawabe, K., Shatskiy, A., Manthilake, M. A. G. M., Zhai, S., Fukui, H., Hegoda, H. A. C. I., Yoshino, T., Yamazaki, D., Matsuzaki, T., Yoneda, A., Ito, E., Sugita, M., Tomioka, N., Hagiya, K., Nozawa, A., Funakoshi, K., P-V-T relations of MgSiO3 perovskite determined by in situ X-ray diffraction using a large-volume high-pressure apparatus, Geophys. Res. Lett., 36, L01305, 2009. external linkAbstract (AGU)
  • Katsura, T., Shatskiy, A., Manthilake, M. A. G. M., Zhai, S., Yamazaki, D., Matsuzaki, T., Yoshino, T., Yoneda, A., Ito, E., Sugita, M., Tomioka, N., Nozawa, A., Funakoshi, K., P-V-T relations of wadsleyite determined by in situ X-ray diffraction in a large-volume high-pressure apparatus. Geophys. Res. Lett., 36, L11307, 2009. external linkAbstract (AGU)
  • Katsura, T., Yoshino, T., Matsuzaki, T., Manthilake, G., Electrical conductivity of olivine, wadsleyite and ringwoodite, J. Mag. Min. Petrol. Sci., 38, 33-38, 2009. external linkAbstract (J-Stage)
  • Katsura, T., Shatskiy, A., Manthilake, M. A. G. M., Zhai, S., Fukui, H., Yamazaki, D., Matsuzaki, T., Yoneda, A., Ito, E., Kuwata, A., Ueda, A., Nozawa, A., Funakoshi, K., Thermal expansion of forsterite at high pressures determined by in situ X-ray diffraction: The adiabatic geotherm in the upper mantle, Phys. Earth Planet. Inter., 174, 86-92, 2009. external linkAbstract (Science Direct)
  • Katsura, T., Yoshino, T., Manthilake, G., Matsuzaki, T., Electrical conductivity of the major upper mantle minerals: a review, Russ. Geol. Geophys., 50, 1139-1145, 2009. external linkAbstract (Science Direct)
  • Litasov, K. D., Shatskiy, A. F., Katsura, T., Ohtani, E., Water Solubility in Forsterite at 8-14 GPa, Dokl. Earth Sci., 425A, 432-435, 2009. external linkAbstract (SpringerLink)
  • Litasov, K. D., Shatskiy, A. F., Pal'yanov, Yu. N., Sokol, A. G., Katsura, T., Ohtani, E., Hydrogen incorporation into forsterite in Mg2SiO4-K2Mg(CO3)2-H2O and Mg2SiO4-H2O-C at 7.5-14.0 GPa, Russ. Geol. Geophys., 50, 1129-1138, 2009. external linkAbstract (Science Direct)
  • Makishima, A., Nakamura, E., Determination of Ge, As, Se and Te in Silicate Samples Using lsotope Dilution-Internal Standardisation Octopole Reaction Cell ICP-QMS by Normal Sample Nebulisation, Geostand. Geoanal. Res., 33, 369-384, 2009. external linkAbstract (Willy InterScience)
  • Makishima, A., Tanaka, R., Nakamura, E., Precise Elemental and Isotopic Analyses in Silicate Samples Employing ICP-MS: Application of Hydrofluoric Acid Solution and Analytical Techniques, Anal. Sci., 25, 1181-1187, 2009.external linkAbstract (J-Stage)
  • Malfait, W., The 4500 cm-1 infrared absorption band in hydrous aluminosilicate glasses is a combination band of the fundamental (Si,Al)-OH and O-H vibrations. Am. Min., 94, 849-852. external linkAbstract (GeoScienceWorld)
  • Malfait, W., Xue, X., The nature of hydroxyl groups in aluminosilicate glasses: quantifying Si-OH and Al-OH abundances along the SiO2-NaAlSiO4 join by 1H, 27Al-1H and 29Si-1H NMR spectroscopy. Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, 74, 719-737, 2009. external linkAbstract (Science Direct)
  • Manthilake, M. A. G. M., Matsuzaki, T., Yoshino, T., Yamashita, S., Ito, E., Katsura, T., Electrical conductivity of wadsleyite as a function of temperature and water content, Phys. Earth Planet. Inter., 174, 10-18, 2009. external linkAbstract (Science Direct)
  • Marín-Cerón, M. I., Moriguti, T., Makishima, A., Nakamura, E., Slab decarbonation and CO2 recycling in the Southwestern Colombian volcanic arc, Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, 74, 1104-1121, 2009. external linkAbstract (Science Direct)
  • Maruyama, S., Watanabe, M., Kunihiro, T., Nakamura, E., Elemental and isotopic abundances of lithium in chondrule constituents in the Allende meteorite, Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, 73, 778-793, 2009. external linkAbstract (Science Direct)
  • Matsui, M., Ito, E., Katsura, T., Yamazaki, D., Yoshino, T., Yokoyama, A., Funakoshi, K., The temperature-pressure-volume equation of state of platinum, J. Appl. Phys, 105, 013505, 2009. external linkAbstract (American Institute of Physics)
  • Nagai, T., Arima, H., Okuchi, T., Kagi, H., Yagi, T., Introduction of the High Pressure Neutron Diffraction Projects in J-PARC, Rev. High Press. Sci. Tech., 19, 15-23, 2009.(in Japapese) external linkAbstract (J-STAGE)
  • Nagender Nath, B., Makishima, A., Noordmann, J., Tanaka, R., Nakamura, E., Comprehensive analysis for major, minor and trace element contents and Sr-Nd-Pb-Hf isotope ratios in sediment reference materials, JSd-1 and MAG-1, Geochem. J., 43, 207-216, 2009. external linkAbstract (GSJ)
  • Nakamura E., Makishima, A., Hagino, K., Okabe, K., Accumulation of radium in ferruginous protein bodies formed in lung tissue: association of resulting radiation hotspots with malignant mesothelioma and other malignancies, Proc. Japan Acad. Ser. B, 85, 229-239, 2009. external linkAbstract (J-STAGE)
  • Odake, S., Ohfuji, H., Okuchi, T., Kagi, H., Sumiya, H., Irifune, T., Pulsed laser processing of nano-polycrystalline diamond: a comparative study with single crystal diamond, Diamond Relat. Mater., 18, 877-880, 2009. external linkAbstract (SpringerLINK)
  • Okuchi, T., Ohfuji, H., Odake, S., Kagi, H., Nagatomo, S., Sugata, M., Sumiya, H., Micromachining and surface processing of the super-hard nano-polycrystalline diamond by three types of pulsed lasers, Appl.Phys. A: Mater. Sci. Process., 96, 833-842, 2009. external linkAbstract (SpringerLINK)
  • Ozaki, N., Sano, T., Ikoma, M., Shigemori, K., Kimura, T., Miyanishi, K., Vinci, T., Ree, F.H., Azechi, H., Endo, T., Hironaka, Y., Hori, Y., Iwamoto, A., Kadono, T., Nagatomo, H., Nakai, M., Norimatsu, T., Okuchi, T., Otani, K., Sakaiya, T., Shimizu, K., Shiroshita, A., Sunahara, A., Takahashi, H., Kodama, R., Shock Hugoniot and temperature data for polystyrene obtained with quartz standard, Phys. Plasmas, 16, 062702, 2009. external linkAbstract (AIP)
  • Reno, B. L., Brown, M., Kobayashi, K., Nakamura, E., Piccoli, P. M., Trouw, R. A. J., Eclogite-high-pressure granulite metamorphism records early collision in West Gondwana: new data from the Southern Brasília Belt, Brazil, J. Geol. Soc. London, 166, 1013-1032, 2009. external linkAbstract (Lyell Collection)
  • Schiavi, F., Kobayashi, K., Moriguti, M., Nakamura, E., Pompilio, M., Tiepolo, M., Vannucci, R., Degassing, crystallization and eruption dynamics at Stromboli: trace element and lithium isotopic evidence from 2003 ashes, Contrib. Mineral. Petrol., 159, 541-561, 2009. external linkAbstract (SpringerLink)
  • Shatskiy, A., Yamazaki, D., Morard, G., Cooray, T., Matsuzaki, T., Higo, Y., Funakoshi, K., Sumiya, H., Ito, E., Katsura, T., Boron-doped diamond heater and its application to large-volume, high-pressure, and high-temperature experiments, Rev. Sci. Instrum., 80, 023907, 2009. external linkAbstract (MyScitation)
  • Shatskiy, A., Litasov, K. D., Matsuzaki, T., Shinoda, K., Yamazaki, D., Yoneda, A., Ito, E., Katsura, T., Single crystal growth of wadsleyite, Am. Min., 94, 1130 - 1136, 2009. external linkAbstract (GeoScienceWorld)
  • Utsumi, W., Kagi, H., Komatsu, K., Arima, H., Nagai, T., Okuchi, T., Kamiyama, T., Uwatoko, Y., Matsubayashi, K., Yagi, T., Neutron powder diffraction under high pressure at J-PARC, Nucl. Instrum. Meth. A, 600, 50-52, 2009. external linkAbstract (ScienceDirect)
  • Warren, J. M., Shimizu, N., Sakaguchi, C., Dick, H. J. B., Nakamura, E., An assessment of upper mantle heterogeneity based on abyssal peridotite isotopic compositions, J. Geophys. Res., 114, B12203, 2009. external linkAbstract (AGU)

  • Wu, X., Steinle-Neuman, G., Qin, S., Kanzaki, M., Dubrovinsky, L., Pressure-induced phase transitions of AX2-type iron pnictides: ab initio study, J. Phys.: Condens. Matter, 21, 185403, 2009. external linkAbstract (IOP electronic journals)
  • Wu, X., Kanzaki, M., Qin, S., Steinle-Neumannand, G., Dubrovinsky, L., Structural study of FeP2 at high pressure, High Pressure Res., 29, 235-244, 2009. external linkAbstract (Informaworld)
  • Xue, X., Water speciation in hydrous silicate and aluminosilicate glasses: Direct evidence from 29Si-1H and 27Al-1H double-resonance NMR. Am. Min., 94, 395-398, 2009. external linkAbstract (GeoScienceWorld)
  • Xue, X., Zhai, S., Kanzaki, M., Si-Al distribution in high-pressure CaAl4Si2O11 phase: a 29Si and 27Al NMR study. Am. Min., 94, 1739-1742, 2009. external linkAbstract (GeoScienceWorld)
  • Xue, X., Kanzaki, M., Proton distributions and hydrogen bonding in crystalline and glassy hydrous silicates and related inorganic materials: insights from high-resolution solid-state NMR spectroscopy. J. Am. Ceram. Soc., 92, 2803-2830, 2009 (feature article). external linkAbstract (InterScience)
  • Yamakawa, A., Yamashita, K., Makishima, A., Nakamura, E., Chemical Separation and Mass Spectrometry of Cr, Fe, Ni, Zn, and Cu in Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Materials Using Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometry, Anal. Chem., 81, 9787-9794, 2009. external linkAbstract (ACS Publications)
  • Yamazaki, D., Yoshino, T., Matsuzaki, T., Katsura, T., Yoneda, A., Texture of (Mg,Fe)SiO3 perovskite and ferro-periclase aggregate: implications for rheology of the lower mantle, Phys. Earth Planet. Inter., 174, 138-144, 2009. external linkAbstract (Science Direct)
  • Yoneda, A., Osako, M., Ito, E., Heat capacity measurement under high pressure: A finite element method assessment, Phys. Earth Planet. Inter., 174, 309-314, 2009. external linkAbstract (Science Direct)
  • Yoshino, T., Katsura, T., Reply to Comments on “Electrical conductivity of wadsleyite as a function of temperature and water content” by Manthilake et al., Phys. Earth Planet. Inter., 174, 22-23, 2009. external linkAbstract (Science Direct)
  • Yoshino, T., Katsura, T., Effect of iron content on electrical conductivity of ringwoodite, with implications for electrical structure in the mantle transition zone. Phys. Earth Planet. Inter., 174, 3-9, 2009. external linkAbstract (Science Direct)
  • Yoshino, T., Yamazaki, D., Mibe, K., Well-wetted olivine grain boundaries in partial molten peridotites in the asthenosphere. Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 283, 167-173, 2009. external linkAbstract (Science Direct)
  • Yoshino, T., Matsuzaki, T., Shatskiy, A., Katsura, T., The effect of water on the electrical conductivity of olivine aggregates and its implications for the electrical structure of the upper mantle, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 288, 291-300, 2009. external linkAbstract (Science Direct)
  • Zhai, S., Liu, X., Shieh, S. R., Zhang, L., Ito, E., Equation of state of γ-tricalcium phosphate, γ-Ca3(PO4)2, to lower mantle pressures, Am. Min., 94, 1388-1391, 2009. external linkAbstract (GeoScienceWorld)

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