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Misasa - Publications List 2013

Publications 2013

  • Bebout, G.E., Agard, P., Kobayashi, K., Moriguti, T., Nakamura, E., Devolatilization history and trace element mobility in deeply subducted sedimentary rocks: Evidence from Western Alps HP/UHP suites, Chem. Geol., 342, 1-20, 2013. external linkAbstract (ScienceDirect)
  • Brazhkin, V.V., Katayama, Y., Kanzaki, M., Lyapin, A.G., Pressure-driven liquid-liquid transformations and corresponding bizarre viscosity behavior, ed. H. Eugene Stanley, in Liquid Polymorphism, Advances in Chemical Physics, 152, pp29-50, Wiley.
  • Das, K., Tomioka, N., Bose, S., Ando, J., On oriented ilmenite needles in garnet porphyroblasts from deep crustal granulites: implications for fluid evolution and cooling history, Lithos, 156-159, 230-240, 2013. external linkAbstract (ScienceDirect)
  • Fei, H., Wiedenbeck, M., Yamazaki, D., Katsura, T., Small effect of water on upper-mantle rheology based on silicon self-diffusion coefficients, Nature, 498, 213-215, 2013. external linkAbstract (Nature.com)
  • Feineman, M., Moriguti, T., Terui, S., Nakamura, E., Yokoyama, T., Sediment-enriched adakitic magmas from the Daisen volcanic field, Southwest Japan, Geochem. Geophys. Geosyst., 14, 3009-3031, 2013. external linkAbstract (Wiley Online Library)
  • Guo, X., Yoshino, T., Electrical conductivity of dense hydrous magnesium silicates with implication for conductivity in the stagnant slab, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 369-370, 239-247, 2013. external linkAbstract (ScienceDirect)
  • Guo, X., Yoshino, T., Okuchi, T., Tomioka, N., H-D interdiffusion in brucite at pressures up to 15 GPa., Am. Mineral., 98, 1919-1929, 2013. external linkAbstract (GeoScienceWorld)
  • Hagino, K., Onuma, R., Kawachi, M., Horiguchi, T., Discovery of an Endosymbiotic Nitrogen-Fixing Cyanobacterium UCYN-A in Braarudosphaera bigelowii(Prymnesiophyceae), PLOS ONE, 18, e81749, 2013. external linkAbstract (PLOS ONE)
  • Liu, X., Kanzaki, M., Xue, X., Crystal structures of Zn2SiO4 III and IV synthesized at 6.5 GPa and 1,273 K, Phys. Chem. Minerals, 40, 467-478, 2013. external linkAbstract (SplingerLink)
  • Makishima, A., Nakamura, E., Low-blank chemistry for Zn stable isotope ratio determination using extraction chromatographic resin and double spike-multiple collector-ICP-MS, J. Anal. At. Spectrom., 28, 127-133, 2013. external linkAbstract (RSC Publishing)
  • Makishima, A., A Simple and Fast Separation Method of Fe Employing Extraction Resin for Isotope Ratio Determination by Multicollector ICP-MS, Int. J. Anal. Mass Spectrom. Chromatograph., 1, 95-102, 2013. external linkAbstract (Scientific Research)
  • Matsumoto, T., Maruoka, T., Shimoda, H., Obata, H., Kagi, H., Suzuki, K., Yamamoto, K., Mitsuguchi, T., Hagino, K., Tomioka, N., Aggarwal, P., Tritium in Japanese precipitation following the March 2011 Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant Accident, Sci. Total Environ., 445-446, 365-370, 2013. external linkAbstract (ScienceDirect)
  • Meredith, K., Moriguti, T., Tomascak, P., Hollins, S., Nakamura, E., The lithium, boron and strontium isotopic systematic of groundwaters from an arid aquifer system: Implications for recharge and weathering processes, Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, 112, 20-31, 2013. external linkAbstract (ScienceDirect)
  • Mori, Y., Kaihara, Y., Nakamura, S., Yoshino, T., Takarabe, K., High-pressure X-raydiffraction study and thermoelectric measurements of Mg2Si, Phys. Status Solidi C, 10, 1847-1849, 2013. external linkAbstract (Willy Online)
  • Nakatsuka, D., Yoshino, T., Kano, J., Hashimoto, H., Nakanishi, M., Takada, J., Fujii, T., High-pressure synthesis, crystal structure and magnetic property of ilmenite-type FeGeO3, J. Solid State Chem., 198, 520-524, 2013. external linkAbstract (ScienceDirect)
  • Okuchi, T., Hydrogen absorption reaction kinetics and diffusion measurement in hydrogen clathrate hydrate at high pressure, Low Temp. Sci., 71, 181-185, 2013. (Japanese with English abstract).
  • Okuchi, T., Yoshida, M., Ohno, Y., Tomioka, N., Purevjav, N., Osakabe, T., Harjo, S., Abe, J., Aizawa, K., Sasaki, S., Pulsed neutron powder diffraction at high pressure by a capacity-increased sapphire anvil cell, High Pressure Res., 33, 777-786, 2013. external linkAbstract (Taylor&FrancisOnline)
  • Ozaki, N., Sano, T., Sano, T., Kimura, T., Tsuchiya, Tange, Y., Okuchi, T., Shimizu, K., Sakata, O., Kodama, R., High Energy Density Matter Studies with High-Power Laser and Its Perspective, Rev. Laser Eng., 41, 25-32, 2013. (Japanese)
  • Rehman, H. U, Kobayashi, K., Tsujimor, T., Ota, T., Yamamoto, H., Nakamura, E., Kaneko Y., Khan, T., Terabayashi, M., Yoshida, K., Hirajima, T., Ion microprobe U-Th-Pb geochronology and study of micro-inclusions in zircon from the Himalayan high- and ultrahigh-pressure eclogites, Kaghan Valley of Pakistan, J. Asian Earth Sci., 63, 179-196, 2013. external linkAbstract (ScienceDirect)
  • Ryu, S., Kitagawa, H., Nakamura, E., Itaya, T., Watanabe, K., K-Ar analyses of the post-caldera lavas of Bratan volcano in Bali Island, Indonesia-Ar isotope mass fractionation to light isotope enrichment, J. Volcanol. Geotherm. Res., 264, 107-116, 2013. external linkAbstract (ScienceDirect)
  • Satish-Kumar, M., Yoshino, T., So, H., Kato, M., Hiroi, Y., Reply to the comment on: Carbon isotope fractionation in the Fe-C system at HPHT experiments by Reutsky and Borzdov, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 368, 222-224, 2013. external linkAbstract (ScienceDirect)
  • Singerling, S.A., Modi, A.L., McFerrin,B., Worsham, E. A., McSween, H. Y., Rumble, D. Tanaka, R., Taylor, L. A., Two new eucrite breccias from Northwest Africa, Meteoritics Planet. Sci., 48, E1-E9, 2013. external linkAbstract (Willy Online)
  • Tanaka, R., Nakamura, E., Determination of 17O-excess of terrestrial silicate/oxide minerals with respect to Vienna Standard Mean Ocean Water (VSMOW), Rapid Commun. Mass Spectrom., 27, 285-297, 2013. external linkAbstract (Willey Online)
  • Tsujino, N., Nishihara. Y., Nakajima, Y., Takahashi, E., Funakoshi, K., Higo, Y., Equation of state of γ-Fe: reference density for planetary cores, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 375, 244-253, 2013. external linkAbstract (ScienceDirect)
  • Yachi, Y., Kitagawa, H., Kunihiro, T., Nakamura, E., Software Dedicated for the Curation of Geochemical Data Sets in Analytical Laboratories, Geostand. Geoanal. Res. 38, 95-102, 2013. external linkAbstract (Willy Online)
  • Yoshino, T., Katsura, T., Electrical conductivity of mantle minerals: Role of water in conductivity anomalies. Annu. Rev. Earth Planet. Sci., 41, 605-628, 2013. external linkAbstract (Annual Reviews)
  • Wang, R., First-principles prediction of ferroelastic phase transition in AlPO4, Solid State Commun., 155, 88-91, 2013. external linkAbstract (ScienceDirect)
  • Zhai, S., Shan, S., Yamazaki, D., Funakoshi, K, Compressibility of pyrochlore-type MgZrSi2O7 determined by in situ X-ray diffraction in a large-volume high pressure apparatus, High Pressure Res., 33, 1-7, 2013. external linkAbstract (Talor&Francis Online)
  • Zhai, S., Yamazaki, D., Xue, W., Ye, Lijin, Xu, Chaowen, Shan S., Ito, E., Yoneda, A., Yoshino, T., Guo, X., Shimojuku, A., Tsujino, N., Funakoshi, K., P-V-T relations of γ-Ca3(PO4)2 tuite determined by in situ X-ray diffraction in a large-volume high-pressure apparatus, Am. Min., 98, 1811-1816, 2013. external linkAbstract (GeoScienceWorld)

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