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Misasa - Publications List 2017

Publications 2017

  • Albertazzi,B, Ozaki, N, Zhakhovsky, V., Faenov, A., Habara, H., Harmand, M., Hartley, N., Ilnitsky, D., Inogamov, N., Inubushi, Y., Ishikawa, T., Katayama, T., Koyama, T., Koenig, M., Krygier, A., Matsuoka, T., Matsuyama, S., McBride, E., Migdal, K.P., Morard, G., Ohashi, H., Okuchi, T., Pikuz, T., Purevjav, N., Sakata, O., Sano, S., Sato, T., Sekine, T., Seto, S., Takahashi, K., Tanaka, K., Tange, Y., Togashi, T., Tono, K., Umeda, Y., Vinci, T., Yabashi, M., Yabuuchi, T., Yamauchi, K., Yumoto, H., Kodama, R., Dynamic fracture of tantalum under extreme tensile stress, Science Advances, 3(6), e1602705, 2017. external linkScience Advances (AAAS)
  • Anderson, L.D., Bebout, G.E., Izawa, M.R.M., Bridge, N.J., Banerjee, N.R., Chemical alteration and preservation of sedimentary/organic nitrogen isotope signatures in a 2.7 Ga seafloor volcanic sequence, Int. J. Astrobiology, 1-16, 2017. external linkAbstract (Mary Ann Liebert)
  • Feyissa, D. H., Shinjo, R., Kitagawa, H., Meshesha, D. Nakamura, E., Petrologic and geochemical characterisation of rift-related magmatism at the northernmost Main Ethiopian Rift: Implications for plume-lithosphere interaction and the evolution of rift mantle sources, Lithos, 282-283, 240-261, 2017., external linkAbstract (ScienceDirect)
  • Fei, H., Yamazaki, D., Sakurai, M., Miyajima, N., Ohfuji, H., Katsura, T., Yamamoto, T., A nearly water-saturated mantle transition zone inferred from mineral viscosity, Sci. Adv., 3, e1603024, 2017. external linkAbstract (ScienceAdvances)
  • Fukui, H., Baron, A., Ishikawa, D., Uchiyama, H., Ohishi, Y., Tsuchiya, T., Kobayashi, H., Matsuzaki, T., Yoshino, T., Katsura, T., Pressure dependence of transverse acoustic phonon energy in ferropericlase across the spin transition, J. Phys. Condens. Matter, 29, 245401, 2017. external linkAbstract (IOPSCIENCE)
  • Hartley, N.J., Ozaki, N., Matsuoka, T., Albertazzi, B., Faenov, A., Fujimoto, Y., Habara, H., Harmand, M., Inubushi, Y., Katayama, T., Koenig, M., Krygier, A., Mabey, P., Matsumura, Y., Matsuyama, S., McBride, E.E., Miyanishi, K., Morard, G., Okuchi, T., Pikuz, T., Sakata, O., Sano, Y., Sato, T., Sekine, T., Seto, Y., Takahashi, K., Tanaka, K.A., Tange, Y., Togashi, T., Umeda, Y., Vinci, T., Yabashi, M., Yabuuchi, T., Yamauchi, K., Kodama, R., Ultrafast observation of lattice dynamics in laser-irradiated gold foils, Apply. Phys. Lett., 110, 071905, 2017. external linkAppl. Phys. Lett.(AIP)
  • Hsieh, W. P., Deschamps, F., Okuchi, T., Lin, J. F., Reduced lattice thermal conductivity of Fe-bearing bridgmanite in Earth's deep mantle, J. Geophys. Res. Solid Earth, 122, 4900-4917, 2017. external linkAbstract (AGU PUBLICATIONS)
  • Iizuka-Oku, R., Yagi, T., Gotou, H., Okuchi, T., Hattori, T., Sano-Furukawa, A., Hydrogenation of iron in the early stage of Earth's evolution, Nature Comm., 8, 14096, 2017. external linkAbstract (Nature.com)
  • Iizuka-Oku, R., Yagi, T., Gotou, H., Okuchi, T., Hattori, T., Sano-Furukawa, A., In-situ Neutron Diffraction of Iron Hydride in Iron-silicate-water System under High Pressure and High Temperature Condition, The Japanese Society for Neutron Science, Hamon, 27, 104-108, 2017.(in Japanese)
  • Ishii, T., Tsujino, N., Arii, H., Fujino, K., Miyajima, N., Kojitani, H., Kunimoto, T., Akaogi, M., A shallow origin of so-called ultrahigh-pressure chromitites, based on single-crystal X-ray structure analysis of the high-pressure Mg2Cr2O5 phase, with modified ludwigite-type structure, Am. Min., 2017.external linkAbstract (GeoScienceWorld)
  • Ishii, T., Yamazaki, D., Tsujino, N., Xu, F., Liu, Z., Kawazoe, T., Yamamoto, T., Druzhbin, D., Wang, L., Yuji, H., Tange, Y., Yoshino, T., Katsura, T., Pressure generation to 65 GPa in Kawai-type multi-anvil apparatus with tungsten carbide anvils, High Pressure Research, 37, 2017. external linkAbstract (Taylor & Francis Online)
  • Kanzaki, M., Xue, X., Wu, Y., Nie, S., Crystal structures of two oxygen-deficient perovskite phases in the CaSiO3-CaAlO2.5 join, Phys. Chem. Minerals., 44, 717-733,2017. external linkAbstract (SpringerLINK)
  • Kanzaki, M., Xue, X., Protoenstatite in MgSiO3 samples prepared by conventional solid state reaction, J. Mineral. Petrol. Sci., 112, 359-364, 2017. external linkAbstract (J-Stage)
  • Katsura T., Baba, K., Yoshino, T., Kogiso, T., Electrical conductivity of the oceanic asthenosphere and its interpretation based on laboratory measurements, Tectnophysics, 717, 162-181, 2017. external linkAbstract (ScienceDirect)
  • Kawaguchi, S.I., Nakajima, Y., Hirose, K., Komabayashi, T., Ozawa, H., Tateno, S., Kuwayama, Y., Tsutsui, S. Baron, A.Q.R., Sound velocity of liquid Fe-Ni-S at high pressure,JGR Solid Earth, 122, 3624-3634, 2017. external linkJGR Solid Earth (AGU)
  • Kunugiza, K., Nakamura, E., Goto, A., Kobayashi, K., Ota, T., In-situ U-Pb zircon age dating deciphering the formation event of the omphacite growth over relict edenitic pargasite in omphacite-bearing jadeitite of the Itoigawa-Omi area of the Hida-Gaien belt, central Japan, J. Mineral. Petrol. Sci., 112, 256-270, 2017. external linkJ. Mineral. Petrol. Sci. (J-Stage)
  • Lobanov, S.S., Hsu, H., Lin, J-F., Yoshino, T., Goncharov, A.F., Optical signatures of low spin Fe3+ in NAL at high pressure, J. Geophys. Res., 122, 3565-3573, 2017. external linkAbstract (AGU PUBLICATIONS)
  • Makishima, A., Origins of the Earth, moon and life: An interdisciplinary approach, Elsevier, Amsterdam, Netherlands, pp.255, 2017. ISBN: 978-0-12-812058-3
  • Mao, Z., Wang, F., Lin, J.F., Fu, S., Yang, J., Wu, X., Okuchi, T., Tomioka, N., Prakapenka, V.B., Xiao, Y., Chow, P., Equation of state and hyperfine parameters of high-spin bridgmanite in the Earth's lower mantle by synchrotron X-ray diffraction and Mossbauer spectroscopy, Am. Min., 102, 357-368, 2017. external linkAbstract (American Mineralogist)
  • Maruyama, S., Ebisuzaki, T., Origin of the Earth: A proposal of new model called ABEL, Geoscience Frontiers, 8(2), 253-274, 2017. external linkGeoscience Frontiers (ScienceDirect)
  • McCraig, M.A., Osinski, G.R., Cloutis, E.A., Flemming, R.L., Izawa, M.R.M., Reddy, V., Fieber-Beyer, S.K., Pompilio, L., Van der Meer, F., Berger, J.A., Bramble, M.S., Applin, D.M., Fitting the curve in Excel®: Systematic curve fitting of laboratory and remotely sensed planetary spectra, Computers & Geosciences, 100, 103-114, 2017. external linkAbstract (ScienceDirect)
  • Mori, Y., Ozawa, H., Hirose, K., Sinmyo, R., Tateno, S., Melting experiments on Fe-Fe3S system to 254 GPa, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 464(15), 135-141, 2017. external linkEarth Planet. Sci. Lett. (ScienceDirect)
  • Nakamura, Y., Yoshino, T., Satish-Kumar, M., An experimental kinetic study on the structural evolution of natural carbonaceous material to graphite, Am. Min., 102, 135-148, 2017. external linkAbstract (American Mineralogist)
  • Okuchi, T., Purevjav, N., Tomioka, N., Quantitative Analysis of Hydrogen Site and Occupancy in a Deep-Earth Hydrous Mineral by Time-of-Flight Single Crystal Laue Neutron Diffraction, J. Crystallographic Soc. Jpn., 59(6), 309-315, 2017. external linkAbstract (JStage)
  • Shuster, J., Reith, F., Izawa, M.R.M., Flemming, R.L., Banerjee, N.R., Southam, G., Biogeochemical Cycling of Silver in Acidic, Weathering Environments, Minerals, 7, 218, 2017. external linkAbstract (MDPI Journals)
  • Tanaka, R., Nakamura, E., Silicate-SiO reaction in a protoplanetary disk recorded by oxygen isotopes in chondrules, Nature Astronomy, 1, 0137, 2017. external linkAbstract (Nature.com)
  • Tikhomirov, P. L., Prokof'ev, V. Y., Kal'ko, I. A., Apletalin, A. V., Nikolaev, Y. N., Kobayashi, K., Nakamura, E., Post-collisional Magmatism of Western Chukotka and Early Cretaceous Tectonic Rearrangement in Northeastern Asia, Geotectonics, 51, 131-151, 2017. external linkAbstract (Springer)
  • Tomioka, N., Okuchi, T., A new high-pressure form of Mg2SiO4 highlighting diffusionless phase transitions of olivine, Scientific Report, 7, 17351, 2017. external linkAbstract (Nature.com)
  • Wu, Y., Qin, F., Wu, X., Huang, H., McCammon, C.A., Yoshino, T., Zhai, S., Xiao, Y., Prakapenka, V.B., Spin transition of ferric iron in the calcium-ferrite type aluminous phase, J. Geophys. Res., 122, 5935-5944, 2017. external linkAbstract (AGU Publications)
  • Xie, L., Yoneda, A., Yoshino, T., Yamazaki, D., Tsujino, N., Higo, Y., Tange, Y., Irifune, T., Shimei, T., Ito, E., Synthesis of boron-doped diamond and its application as a heating material in a multi-anvil high-pressure apparatus, R. Sci. Instrum., 88, 093904, 2017. external linkAbstract (AIP)
  • Xu, F., Yamazaki, D., Sakamoto, N., Sun, W., Fei, H., Yurimoto, H., Silicon and oxygen self-diffusion in stishovite: Implications for stability of SiO2-rich seismic reflectors in the mid-mantle, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 459, 332-339, 2017. external linkAbstract (ScienceDirect)
  • Xue, X., Kanzaki, M., Turner, D., Loroch, D., Hydrogen incorporation mechanisms in forsterite: New insights from 1H and 29Si NMR spectroscopy and first-principles calculation, Ame. Min., 102, 519-536. external linkAbstract (American Mineralogist)
  • Yamazaki, D., Tsujino, N., Yoneda, A., Ito, E., Yoshino, T., Tange, Y., Higo, Y., Grain growth of ε-iron: Implications to grain size and its evolution in the Earth’s inner core, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 459, 238-243, 2017. external linkAbstract (ScienceDirect)
  • Yoneda, A., Fukui, H., Gomi, H., Kamada, S., Xie, L., Hirao, N., Uchiyama, H., Tsutsui, S., Baron, A.Q.R., Single crystal elasticity of gold up to ~20 GPa: Bulk modulus anomaly and implication for a primary pressure scale, Jpn. J. Appl. Phys., 56, 095801, 2017. external linkAbstract (IOPScience)
  • Yoshino, T., Zhang, B., Rhymer, B., Zhao, C., Fei, H., Pressure dependence of electrical conductivity in forsterite, J. Geophys. Res., 122, 158-171, 2017. external linkAbstract (AGU Publications)
  • Zhang, B., Yoshino, T., Effect of graphite on the electrical conductivity of the lithospheric mantle., Geochem. Geophys. Geosyst., 18, 2017. external linkAbstract (AGU PUBLICATIONS)

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