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Publication Lists

Misasa - Publications List 2018

Publications 2018

  • Chen, S., Guo, X., Yoshino, T., Jin, Z., Li, Ping, Dehydration of phengite inferred by electrical conductivity measurements: Implication for the high conductivity anomalies relevant to the subduction zones, Geology, 46, 11-14, 2018.external linkAbstract (GeoScienceWorld)
  • Fei, F., Wiedenbeck, M., Sakamoto, N.,Yurimoto, H., Yoshino, T., Yamazaki, D., Katsura, T., Negative activation volume of oxygen self-diffusion in forsterite, Phys. Earth Planet. Inter., 275, 1-8, 2018.external linkAbstract (ScienceDirect)
  • Neavea, D. A., Shorttle, O., Oesera, M., Weyera, S., Kobayashi, K., Mantle-derived trace element variability in olivines and their melt inclusions, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 483, 90-104, 2018. external linkAbstract (ScienceDirect)
  • Sun, W., Yoshino, T., Sakamoto, N., Yurimoto, H., Supercritical fluid in the mantle transition zone deduced from HD interdiffusion of wadsleyite, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 484, 309-317, 2018. external linkAbstract (ScienceDirect)

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