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Publication Lists

Misasa - Publications List 2018

Publications 2019

  • Hibiya, Y. Archer, G. J., Tanaka, R., Sanborn, M. E., Sato, Y., Iizuka, T., Ozawa, K. Walker, R. J., Yamaguchi, A., Yin, Q-Z., Nakamura, T., Irving, A. J., The origin of the unique achondrite Northwest Africa 6704: Constraints from petrology, chemistry and Re–Os, O and Ti isotope systematics. Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta 245, 597-627, 2019 external linkScienceDirect
  • Kunihiro, T., Ota, T., Nakamura, E., Lithium-and oxygen-isotope compositions of chondrule constituents in the Allende meteorite, Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta., 252, 107-125, 2019 external linkScienceDirect
  • Martirosyan, N.S., Shatskiy, A., Chanyshev, A.D., Litasov, K.D., Yoshino T., Effect of water on the magnesite–iron reaction with implication for the fate of carbonates in the deep mantle, Lithos, 326-327, 435-445, 2019 external linkScienceDirect
  • Yamamoto, J., Yoshino, T., Yamazaki, D., Higo, Y., Tange, Y., Torimoto, J., Thermal expansion of natural mantle spinel using in situ synchrotron X-ray powder diffraction. J. Mater. Sci., 54, 139-148, 2019 external linkAbstract (Springer)
  • Yang, H., Lin, J-F., Hu, M.Y., Roskosz, M., Bi, W., Zhao, J., Alp, E.E., Liu, J., Wentzowitch, R.M., Okuchi, T., Dauphas, N., Iron isotopic fractionation in mineral phases from Earth's lower mantle: Did terrestrial magma ocean crystallization fractionate iron isotopes? Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 506, 113-122, 2019 external linkScienceDirect

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