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Micro-FTIR spectrometer

micro-FTIR spectrometer

machine specifications:

  • MCT detector
  • KBr beam splitter
  • nichrome wire mid-IR light source and W near-IR light source
  • Cassegrain optics (54 degree convergence; working distance = ~30 mm)
  • manufacturer: JASCO (Nihon Bunko Ltd.)


  • determinations of water species contents in silcate glasses and melts


  • Yamashita, S. (1999). Experimental study of the effect of temperature on water solubility in natural rhyolite melt to 100 MPa. Journal of Petrology 40, 1497-1507.
  • Ogo, Y. and Yamashita, S. (1999). Preparation of thin glass wafer for infrared spectroscopy. Bulletin of the Volcanological Society of Japan 44, 251-254 (in Japanese).
  • Yamashita, S., Kitamura, T. and Kusakabe, M. (1997). Infrared spectroscopy of hydrous glasses of arc magma compositions. Geochemical Journal 31,169-174.

person(s) whom users should contact: Shigeru YAMASHITA.