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Micro-Raman Spectroscopy Lab

Micro-Raman spectrometer
Raman spectrum of synthetic coesite (488nm, 50mW, 10s)

machine specifications:

  • Laser source: Ar+ laser, 488/514.5nm, 100mW max (multi-line, TEM00)
  • Monochrometer: Acton SpectraPro 500i (f=500mm)
  • Detector: SPEC-10 1340x100 pixels LN2-cooled CCD (Princeton Instruments)
  • Optics: 180deg scattering geometry, Super-notch filters (514.5nm)/ Raman edge filter (488nm) for Raleigh rejection
  • conforcal design, polarized Raman measurement, Mitsutoyo's 10x, 50x objective lenses
  • Spacial resolution: down to few micron (depends on objective lens)


  • Studies of local structure of solutions, crystals, glasses and melts at various conditions
  • Studies of vibrational properties of materials
  • Identification of phases in experimental run products and natural rocks
  • Identification of small inclusions of diamond, coesite, etc in the ultrahigh pressure metamorphic rocks
  • Analysis of fluid inclusions in the natural rocks
  • In-situ high temperature study using heating stages
  • In-situ high pressure study using diamond anvil cell (DAC)
  • Pressure determination of DAC by means of ruby fluorescence

person(s) whom users should contact: Masami Kanzaki.