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Preparation systems for extraction (H, O, C and S)

a picture of preparation linea picture of preparation linea picture of preparation line
SO2 preparation line
Conversion of oxygen in sulfate to CO2
Extraction of water from rocks by induction heating

Hydrogen extraction from rocks and minerals:

Water is quantitatively extracted from rocks and minerals with induction heating. The water is converted to H2, followed by volumetric determination and δD determination with mass spectrometry (VG SIRA10).

Oxygen extraction from rocks and minerals:

Rocks and minerals are decomposed with BrF5 to extract oxygen. The oxygen is converted to CO2 for later determination of δ18O values with mass spectrometry (VG PRISM).

Oxygen extraction from sulfates:

Oxygen in sulfate is recovered as CO2 using graphite reduction of BaSO4 for δ18O determination of sulfate.

Carbon extraction from carbonates:

Carbonates are decomposed with 100% phosphoric acid to extract CO2 for later δ13C and δ18O determination with mass spectrometry (VG PRISM).

Sulfer extraction from rocks and sulfides:

Sulfur in rocks is extracted as SO2 in a vacuum system using Kiba solution (a concentrated phosphoric acid containing stannous chloride) for later δ34S determination with mass spectrometry (VG SIRA 10).
Sufides and other S-containing material are oxidized to SO42- and converted to BaSO4. The BaSO4 is thermally decomposed to SO2 in a vacuum line followed by δ34S determination.

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