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Diamond Anvil Cell Lab

Symmetric cell
Merrill-Bassett cell
YAG laser heating system

machine specifications:

  • Symmetric piston-cylinder type cell and Merrill-Bassett cell are available
  • Pressures up to 100 GPa or more for Symmetric cell, and up to 10 GPa for Merrill-Bassett cell
  • High-temperature study will be possible using YAG laser heating system
  • Pressure can be measured using micro-Raman spectroscopy
  • For Merrill-Bassett cell, Be seats are also available for X-ray work
  • Diamond and moissanite (SiC) anvils are available


  • In-situ vibrational spectroscopic (Raman, IR) studies of minerals under pressure
  • Phase relation studies using YAG laser heating system
  • Direct observation of pressure-induced phase transformations
  • In-situ single crystal X-ray study (Merrill-Bassett cell)

person(s) whom users should contact: Masami Kanzaki.