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Floating zone furnace for single crystal growth

Floating zone furnace
Ruby made by this furnace

machine specifications:

  • Compact floating zone (FZ) furnace for single crystal growth
  • Manufactured by NEC Machinery Corporation, Japan
  • Heated by two halogen lamps (650Wx2), and could reach up to 2100 C
  • Melt is supported by surface tention, and no crucible is necessary
  • Single crystals up to 4mm in diameter and 50mm in length
  • Sample atmosphere can be controlled (atmosphere controller must be supplied)
  • Sample can be monitored by a CCD camera during growth process
  • Upper and lower main axes can be rotated and moved independently


  • Single crystal growth of oxides and silicates
  • Incongruent melting crystals can be grown by traveling solvent technique
  • Synthesis and melting of high refractory materials not possible by ordinary furnaces
  • Study of melt properties (need neat idea and some modifications)

person(s) whom users should contact: Masami Kanzaki.