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Gas mixing furnace

machine specifications:

  • the furnace: a vertically placed ceramic tube (35 mm inner diameter) surrounded by MoSi2 heater elements and thermal insulations
  • temperature: up to 1700 degree C; temperature gradient less than 4 degree over the length of 4 cm in the hot spot of the furnace
  • fO2 control: 1 bar gas mixture of H2-CO2 or H2-Ar can be used to fix fO2 in the furnace tube; the gas flows are regulated by mass flow controllers (3 cc/min accuracy)
  • solid electrolyte (Y-stabilized ZrO2) fO2 sensor


  • determination of mineral-melt equilibrium at ambient pressure under fixed fO2
  • fabrication of alloys under extremely reduced conditions

person(s) whom users should contact: Shigeru YAMASHITA.