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Stable isotope ratio mass spectrometers VG SIRA10 for δ34S measurement

VGSIRA10 for S
VG SIRA10 mass spectrometer for δ34S analysis

machine specifications:

  • Dual inlet, triple collector IRMS (Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer) devoted specifically for 34S/32S ratio analysis using SO2 as a measuring gas.
  • High precision δ34S analysis of sulfates, sulfides and any S-containing material with precision around 0.1 ‰. Refer to preparation systems.
  • A cracker manifold system is attached for autorun of 15 samples.


  • Search for origin and sources of sulfur in magmatic-hydrothermal systems and environmental issues.

person(s) whom users should contact: Ryoji TANAKA.