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Misasa / Microfocused X-ray diffractometer
Microfocused X-ray diffractometer (Rigaku's RINT RAPID II - CMF)

Microfocused X-ray diffractometer (RINT RAPID II - CMF)

machine specifications:

  • X-ray source
    • Cu/Mo dual rotating anode (1.2 kW), 70 µm size
    • Cu/Mo focusing mirror, 150 µm focus size
    • Beam size : down to 10 µm by collimator
  • Goniometer
    • Rotation : φ and ω axes
    • Transmission and reflection modes
  • Detector: curved imaging plate, covering -47 to +163 degree (2θ)


  • Identification of small samples by ICDD database search
  • Phase mapping of samples
  • Pole figure measurement
  • Phase relation and structural studies under pressure and temperature

person whom users should contact: Masami Kanzaki