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Name & affiliation
Seminar title
2017/02/23 (Thu) 16:00
Seminar room
David Dobson
(University Collage London)
Greater than the sum of the parts: grain boundaries in the mantle n.a.
2017/02/22 (Wed) 16:00
Seminar room
Seiji Kamada
(Tohuku University)
Physical prperty of Fe3S and Fe-Si alloys at high pressure: Implication for terrestrial planetary cores n.a.
2017/02/01 (Wed) 16:00
Seminar room
Chao Liu
Measurements of the attenuation of iron alloy n.a.
2017/01/26 (Thu) 10:00
Seminar room
T. Iitaka
Structure and properties of materials in the deep Earth and planets n.a.
2016/12/21 (Wed) 16:00
Seminar room
Longjian Xie
Viscosity measurement of silicate melts by in situ falling sphere method down to the lower mantle conditions n.a.
2016/12/07 (Wed) 16:00
Seminar room
Fang Xu
Deformation of post-spinel and bridgmanite two-layer sample under lower mantle condition n.a.
2016/11/29 (Tue) 10:00
Seminar room
Vyllinniskii Cameron
(Univeristy of Bristol)
Trace metals and organic molecules: Bioessential tools for detecting signatures of life n.a.
2016/11/09 (Wed) 16:00
Seminar room
Chengcheng Zhao
The influence of oxygen fugacity on electrical conductivity of hydrous olivine n.a.
2016/11/02 (Wed) 16:00
Seminar room
Takashi Yoshino
Pressure dependence on electrical conductivity of forsterite n.a.
2016/10/25 (Tue) 10:00
Seminar room
David Fernandez-Remolar
(British Geological Survey)
Molecular astrobiology, a bridge linking the organic matter, biological molecules and preserved traces of life in the Universe
2016/10/19 (Wed) 16:00
Seminar room
Kengo Oka
(Chuo Univ.)
The exotic structures and properties induced by 6s electrons in Pb/Bi-perovskites n.a.
2016/08/09 (Tue) 14:00
Seminar room
Misasa International Student Intern Program 2016
Presentations of four projects are given by the Intern students n.a.
2016/07/25 (Mon) 16:00
Seminar room
Toshihiko Shimamoto
(Institute of Geology, China Earthquake Administration)
High-velocity friction of faults and earthquake mechanisms n.a.
2016/07/15 (Fri) 16:00
Seminar room
Kenneth Koga
(Blaise Pascal Univ.)
F and Cl as tracer volatile elements in mantle: applications to arc mantle metasomatism and beyond n.a.
2016/07/06 (Wed) 16:00
Seminar room
Geeth Manthilake
(Blaise Pascal Univ.)
Seismic/electrical properties of melt and fluids at the Earth's upper mantle n.a.
2016/06/22 (Wed) 16:00
Seminar room
Asmaa Boujibar
(NASA Johnson Space Center)
Reducing conditions in the inner Solar System, as witnessed by Mercury and Earth n.a.
2016/06/15 (Wed) 16:00
Seminar room
S. Tateno
Subsolidus and melting phase relations of enstatite chondrite in the lower mantle n.a.
2016/06/01 (Wed) 16:00
Seminar room
N. Noguchi
Self-diffusion of protons in H2O ice VII at high pressures: Anomaly around 10 GPa n.a.
2016/05/18 (Wed) 16:00
Seminar room
T. Yoshino
Grain boundary diffusion of siderophile elements in lower mantle phases n.a.
2016/05/11 (Wed) 16:00
Seminar room
H. Gomi
The effects of ferromagnetism and interstitial hydrogen on the

equation of states of hcp and dhcp FeHx


IPM Seminar PM Seminar HACTO Seminar Exp. Planet. Sci. PML Magma Exp. Geohys. Geodynamics

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