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IPM Seminar PM Seminar HACTO Seminar Exp. Planet. Sci. PML Magma Exp. Geophys.

Name & affiliation
Seminar title
2017/12/22 (Fri) 16:00
Seminar room
Tomoeki Nakakuki
(Hiroshima University)
Insight into the mechanics of subducted-slab interaction with the mantle transition zone from numerical simulation and tectonic observations talk in Japanese with English slides
2017/11/15 (Wed) 16:00
Seminar room
Jaseem Vazhakuttiyakam
Nitrogen partitioning experiment for constraining the core mantle differentiation n.a.
2017/11/01 (Wed) 16:00
Seminar room
D. Yamazaki
Rheology and dynamics of the inner core 3: Deformation experiments n.a.
2017/10/25 (Wed) 16:00
Seminar room
Youyue Zhang
Simultaneous measurements of thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity for fayalite and its -phase n.a.
2017/10/04 (Wed) 16:00
Seminar room
N. Tsujino
Formation of metallic Fe in the lower mantle n.a.
2017/07/26 (Wed) 16:00
Seminar room
Chao Liu
Attenuation difference between iron and Si-bearing iron in the inner core n.a.
2017/07/05 (Wed) 16:00
Seminar room
Hitoshi GOMI
Impurity resistivity of hcp and fcc Fe-based alloys: Implications for planetary cores n.a.
2017/06/21 (Wed) 16:00
Seminar room
Akira Yoneda
(1) Single crystal elasticity of gold (Au) up to ~20 GPa: bulk modulus anomaly and implication for a primary pressure scale

(2) Recent progress in GHz-DAC ultrasonics



IPM Seminar PM Seminar HACTO Seminar Exp. Planet. Sci. PML Magma Exp. Geohys. Geodynamics

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