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Hao, H., Campbell, I.H., Cooke, D.R., Nakamura, E., Sakaguchi, C., Geochronology, Petrogenesis and Oxidation State of the Northparkes Igneous Suite, New South Wales, Australia: Implications for Magma Fertility, Econ. Geol. 116,5,1161-1187, 2021 [LINK] (2021-07-13 16:25)

Cantillo, D.C., Reddy, V., Sharkey, B.N.L., Peason, N.A., Sanchez, J.A., Izawa, M.R.M., Kareta, T., Campbell, T.S., Chabra, O., Constraining the Regolith Composition of Asteroid (16) Psyche via Laboratory Visible Near-infrared Spectroscopy, Planet. Sci. J. 2:95, 2021 [LINK] (2021-07-12 10:11)

Gu, J.T., Fu, S., Gardner, J.E., Yamashita, S., Okuchi, T., Lin, J-F, Nonlinear effects of hydration on high-pressure sound velocities of rhyolitic glasses, Am. Mineral., 106(7), 1143-1152, 2021 [LINK] (2021-07-12 10:09)

Zhang, B., Guo, X., Yoshino, T., Xia, Q, Electrical conductivity of melts: Implications for conductivity anomalies in the Earth’s mantle, National Science Review, 2021 [LINK] (2021-07-06 16:19)

Kunihiro, T., Ota, T., Yamanaka, M., Potiszil, C., Nakamura, E., The trace element composition of chondrule constituents: Implications for sample return methodologies and the chondrule silicate reservoir, Meteorit. Planet. Sci., 56, 1-21, 2021 [LINK] (2021-06-14 16:27)


Evidence for a large organic abundance in the asteroid Ryugu. – A large abundance of organic matter was inferred from displaced material captured by the Hayabusa2 touchdown video [Full Story] (2020-06-17 11:41)
Formation of a rubble pile asteroid inferred from study of the Chelyabinsk meteorite [Full Story] (2019-04-11 18:16)
Mantle dynamics inferred from the crystallographic preferred orientation of bridgmanite

Tsujino, N., Nishihara, Y., Yamazaki, D., Seto, Y., Higo, Y., Takahashi, E., Mantle dynamics inferred from the crystallographic preferred orientation of bridgmanite, Nature, 2016.

[Full Story]
(2016-12-12 11:39)