Technical Report

Technical Report of ISEI is published aperiodically in the following three series:

  • Series A: Preprints
  • Series B: Original paper, numerical tables and other data.
  • Series C: Extended abstract or proceeding of the meeting held at the institute

Some reports with unreadable titles are written in Japanese. If you find any interesting report, please order your copy to this e-mail address. The papers with (PDF) at the end of title can be read using Adobe Acrobat Reader. The papers with (HTML) can be read directly using your browser.

Series A

  1. E. Takahashi and C.M. Scarfe, Melting of peridotite to 14 GPa and the genesis of komatiite (1985-4)
  2. F. Uyama, H. Chiba, M. Kusakabe and H. Sakai, Sulfur isotope exchange reactions in aqueous system: Thiosulfate sulfide-sulfate at hydrothermal temperature (1985-9)
  3. E. Takahashi, Melting of a dry peridotite KLB-1 up to 14 GPa: Implications on the origin of peridotitic upper mantle (1985-10)
  4. M. Kusakabe, N. Hayashi and T. Kobayashi, Genetic environments of the banded sulfur sediment at the Tateyama volcano, central Japan (1985-12)
  5. M. Kusakabe, M. Hori and Y. Matsuhisa, Primary mineralization-alternation of the El Teniente and Rio Blanco porphyry copper deposits, Chili. Stable isotopes, fluid inclusions and Mg2+/Fe2+/Fe3+ ratios of hydrothermal biotite (1986-3)
  6. H. Shimazaki and M. Kusakabe, A reconnaissance oxygen isotope study of clinopyroxenes from four Japanese skarn deposits (1986-8)
  7. H. Kagami, M. Iwata and E. Takahashi, Isotopic evidence for primitive mantle beneath the Sea of Japan, a young back arc basin (1986-8)
  8. Y. Matsui and K. Kawamura, Computer-experimental synthesis of silica with the alpha-PbO2 structure (1986-9)
  9. E. Takahashi, K. Uto and J.-G. Schilling, Primary magma compositions and Mg/Fe ratios of their mantle residues along Mid Atlantic Ridge 29oN to 73oN (1987-3)
  10. E. Ito and E. Takahashi, Melting of peridotite under the lower mantle condition (1987-3)
  11. Y. Matsui and M. Matsui, Molecular dynamics studies of polymorphism of SiO2 at high pressures: A possible new cubic polymorph with high density (1987-4)
  12. Y. Sano, H. Wakita, T. Ohsumi and M. Kusakabe, Helium isotope ratios of gases from Lake Nyos, Cameroon (1987-5)
  13. S. Sano, K. Tazaki and H. Kagami, Sm-Nd dating of late Paleozoic metabasalts in the Tamba Belt, Southwest Honshu, Japan (1987-10)
  14. M. Kusakabe, T. Ohsumi and S. Aramaki, Role of lake water in the 1986 Nyos gas disaster (1987-10)
  15. C. Mizota, M. Kusakabe and M. Noto, Eolian contribution to soil development on Cretaceous limestones in Greece as evidenced by oxygen isotope composition of quartz (1988-1)
  16. T. Katsura and E. Ito, The system Mg2SiO4-Fe2SiO4 at high pressures and temperatures: Precise determination of stabilites of olivine, modified spinel and spinel (1988-7)
  17. E. Ito and E. Takahashi, Post-spinel transformations in the system Mg2SiO4 and some geophysical implications (1988-9)
  18. E. Ito and T. Katsura, A temperature profile of the mantle transition zone (1988-9)
  19. Y. Koide, Magma mixing in late Paleozoic ophiolite: In the case of Ibara ophiolite, Southwest Japan (1988-10)
  20. E. Nakamura, I.H. Campbell, M.T. McCulloch and S-S. Sun, Chemical geodynamics in a back-arc region around the Sea of Japan: Implications for the genesis of alkaline basalts in Japan, Korea and China (1988-10)
  21. H. Taniguchi and E. Takahashi, Densities of melts in the system CaMgSi2O6-CaAl2Si2O8 at low and high pressures, and their structural significance (1988-11)
  22. 石川剛志・中村栄三 ホウ素の同位体地球・宇宙科学 (1988-11)
  23. M. Kusakabe, T. Shibata, M. Yamamoto, S. Mayeda, H. Kagami, H. Honnma, H. Masuda and H. Sakai, Petrology and isotope characteristics (H, O, S, Sr and Nd) of basalts from Ocean Drilling Program Hole 504B, Leg 111, Costa Rica Rift (1989-4)
  24. M. Kusakabe, S. Mayeda and E. Nakamura, S, O and Sr isotope systematics of active vent materials from the Mariana backarc basin spreding axis at 18oN (1989-4)
  25. R. Sakai, M. Kusakabe, M. Noto and T. Ishii, Origin of waters responsible for serpentinization of the Izu Ogasawara-Mariana forearc seamounts in view of hydrogen and oxygen isotope ratios (1989-4)
  26. E. Nakamura, M.T. McCulloch and I.H. Campbell, Chemical geodynamics in the back-arc region of Japan. Based on the trace element and Sr-Nd isotopic compositions (1989-4)
  27. 斉藤元治・日下部実 総説:火山噴火におけるマグマ中の揮発性物質の挙動 - 斑晶中のガラス包有物の分析の基づいたアプローチ (1989-7)
  28. M. Noto, M. Kusakabe, M. Kometani, 18O/16O ratio determination of framework oxygen of apophyllite and wairakite by the preferential isotopic exchange of their water on crystallization (1989-10)
  29. Y. Koide and E. Nakamura, Lead isotope analyses of standard rock samples (1989-12)
  30. 牧嶋昭夫 ランタンーセリウム法の現状と今後の課題 (1990-2)
  31. T. Ishikawa and E. Nakamura, Suppression of boron volatilization from the hydrofluoric acid solution using boron-mannitol complex (1990-5)
  32. T. Katsura, E. Ito and H. Sato, A new method for studying the mantle convection using phase relations and seismic reflections (1990-5)
  33. M. Osako and E. Ito, Thermal diffusivity of MgSiO3 perovskite (1990-7)
  34. E. Ito and H. Sato, Superplasticity of the descending slab in the lower mantle (1990-9)
  35. 能登征美・日下部実・内田哲男 ワイラカイトの骨格酸素の同位体比の測定法 (1990-11)
  36. A. Makishima and E. Nakamura, Precise measurement of cerium isotope composition in rock samples (1990-11)
  37. A. Makishima and E. Nakamura, Faraday cup efficiency in a multicollector mass spectrometer (1990-11)
  38. S. Chikazumi, Rotating charge model for earth and planetary magnetism (1990-12)
  39. E. Nakamura, T. Ishikawa, J.-L. Birck and C.J. Allegre, Precise boron isotopic analysis of natural rock samples using a boron-mannitol complex (1991-3)
  40. Y. Nojiri, M. Kusakabe, J. Hirabayashi, H. Sato, Y. Sano, H. Shinohara, T. Njine, G. Tanyileke and K. Tietze, An estimate of CO2 flux in Lake Nyos, Cameroon (1991-3)
  41. H. Chiba, Attainment of solution and gas equilibrium in Japanese geothermal systems (1991-4)
  42. T. Ishikawa and E. Nakamura, Boron isotope geochemistry of the oceanic crust from DSDP-ODP Hole 504B (1991-5)
  43. 柴田知之・中村栄三 微量元素組成、同位体組成からみた島弧マグマ成因論の現状と課題 (1991-6)
  44. T. Shibata and E. Nakamura, Interaction between subducted oceanic slab and wedge mantle inferred from across-arc variations of Pb, Sr and Nd isotopic compositions in north eastern Japan (1991-6)
  45. T. Katsura and E. Ito, The system MgO-SiO2-CO2-H2O at high pressure: A preliminary investigation of concentration of CO2 in the mantle fluid (1991-8)
  46. E. Ito and H. Sato, Effect of the phase transformations on the dynamics of the descending slab (1991-8)
  47. A. Makishima, E. Nakamura, S. Akimoto, I.H. Campbell and R.I. Hill, New constraints on the 138La beta-decay constant based on a geochronological study of granites from Yilgran Block, Western Australia (1991-11)
  48. G. Saito and M. Kusakabe, Analytical techniques for determining a micro quantity of CO2 in volcanic glass by laser probe mass spectrometry (1992-2)
  49. 牧島昭夫・其 魯・増田彰正 p-核種の生成とその同位体比異常 (1992-2)
  50. M. Yoshikawa and E. Nakamura, Precise isotope determination of trace amounts of Sr in magnesium-rich samples (1992-5)
  51. H. Sato, Thermal structure of the mantle wedge beneath northeastern Japan: Magmatism in an island arc from the combined data of seismic anelasticity and velocity and heat flow (1992-6)
  52. H. Sato, Laboratory seismic studies: A search for mechanical, thermal and chemical structures of the earth (1992-6)
  53. A. Makishima and A. Masuda, Primordial Ce isotopic composition (1992-7)
  54. T. Kawasaki and E. Ito, Fe-Mg partitionings between olivine and Ca-rich clinopyroxene: Implications for Fe-Mg mixing properties of Ca-rich clinopyroxene (1993-1)
  55. E. Ito, K. Morooka, and O. Ujike, Dissolution of K in molten iron at high pressure and temperature (1993-1)
  56. M. Yoshikawa, E. Nakamura and N. Takahashi, Rb-Sr isotope systematics in a phlogopite-bearing spinel lherzolite and its implications for age and origin of metasomatism in the Horoman peridotite complex in Hokkaido, Japan (1993-2)
  57. T. Ishikawa and E. Nakamura, Boron isotope systematics of marine sediments (1993-1)
  58. A. Makishima and A. Masuda, Search for p-isotopic anomaly of cerium in the bulk Allende meteorite (1993-11)
  59. A. Makishima and A. Masuda, Ce isotope ratios of N-type MORB (1994-1)
  60. M. Kusakabe, Hazardous Crater Lakes (1994-5)
  61. K. Sato and E. Ito, A high-pressure experimental study on an olivine lamproite: Application to its petrogenesis (1994-5)
  62. 佐藤公則 大陸性マントルの安定性の機構とその起源 (1994-5)
  63. D. Tedesco, R. Pece, R. Avino and G. Scorziello, Radon, pH and temperature monitoring in water wells at Campi Flegrei caldera (southern Italy): A tool to study volcanic and seismic activity (1994-12)
  64. R. Kudo and E. Ito, Melting relations in the system Mg4Si4O12(En)-Mg3Al2Si3O12(Py) at high-pressures (1995-6)
  65. K. Sato, T. Katsura and E. Ito, Phase relations of phlogopite with and without enstatite up to 8 GPa: Implication to potassic magmatism and mantle metasomatism (1996-3) (PDF, 1.1MB)
  66. M. Kohno, T. Fukuoka, Y. Fujii and M. Kusakabe, Volcanic records and dating of an upper half of the H15 ice core from Mizuho Plateau, East Antarctica (1996-5) (PDF, 0.7MB)
  67. M. Osako and E. Ito, Simultaneous thermal diffusivity and thermal conductivity measurements of mantle materials up to 10 GPa (1997-9) (PDF, 0.3MB)

Series B

  1. F. Uyama, H. Chiba, M. Kusakabe and H. Sakai, Experimental details of sulfur isotope exchange reactions in the S2O32–H2S-SO42- system at hydrothermal temperatures (1986-1)
  2. T. Kawasaki, Equilibration conditions of alpine type peridotites and associated rocks (1986-8)
  3. H. Chiba, Compilation of dissociation constants of major aqueous species present in geothermal fluids. Comparison of thermodynamic database of aqueous speciation codes (1986-9)
  4. H. Kagami, M. Iwata, S. Sano and H. Honma, Sr and Nd isotopic compositions and Rb, Sr, Sm and Nd concentrations of standard samples (1987-1)
  5. 酒井隆太郎・渡邊久芳・本間弘次 けい光X線分析装置によるCO, Ni, Cu, Znに定量法について (1987-10)
  6. 木島宣明 岡山大学地球内部研究センターに設置された双子セル型熱水装置について (1988-10)
  7. Y. Koide and E. Nakamura, Data reduction in the lead isotope analysis (1990-5)
  8. Y. Koide, E. Nakamura and S. Akimoto, Lead isotope analyses using multi-collector mass spectrometers (1991-2)
  9. H. Sato, Partial melting – homologous temperature systematics in mantle rocks (1991-8)
  10. A. Makishima, E. Nakamura and S. Akimoto, Investigation of the bias in a secondary electron multiplier of Finnigan-MAT261 mass spectrometer for the quantitative analysis of rare-earth elements in rock samples (1991-8)
  11. A. Makishima, T. Ishikawa, T. Shibata and M. Yoshikawa, Improvement of mass spectrometer performance for Sr, Nd, Ce and Pb isotope analyses by modification of preamplifiers (1993-8)
  12. 折橋裕二・柚原雅樹・本間弘次 蛍光X線分析装置による珪酸塩岩石中の微量元素の定量 (1993-8)

Series C

  1. 日下部実 第1回短期研究会 「地球科学的手法による火山噴火の予知・予測」講演要旨集 (1985-4)
  2. 深井有・高橋栄一 第3回短期研究会 「シンポジウム 地球の形成過程」講演要旨集 (1986-3)
  3. 松井義人 第4回短期研究会 「造岩物質の物性と構造の理論・I」講演要旨集 (1986-9)
  4. 日下部実 第5回短期研究会 「シンポジウム カメルーンガス災害」講演要旨集 (1987-5)
  5. 松井義人 第6回短期研究会 「造岩物質の物性と構造の理論・II」講演要旨集 (1987-10)
  6. 松井義人 第7回短期研究会 「造岩物質の物性と構造の理論・III」講演要旨集 (1990-2)